Eric Bischoff Rips Dirt Sheets Over Hogan In WWE 2K14

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Eric Bischoff wrote the following on Twitter regarding Hulk Hogan's inclusion in WWE 2K14:

Yes, it's true WWE is utilizing trademarks they already own but there's more to it. There is an agreement to use Hogan and his likeness in the video game. Hogan gets royalty checks from WWE when his name and likeness are used. He would not be included without a deal and there is very much a monetary component to the agreement.

The Ultimate Warrior has a deal with 2KSports where he is used to help promote the game.  To insinuate the aforementioned names have NOTHING to do with a game that will sell in the millions is fairly asinine.   However, Eric will be Eric and we do love him.

  • Matt

    Who’s this “we” and why do they love Eric Bischoff?

    • We is WNW and we love him for his boldness… 😉

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        I certainly don’t love him! He’s a condescending a$$hole!

        • Hey, still entertaining!

          • Tim

            The entertainment part comes from the people he works with I.e. stone cold in the co gm story.

          • dean

            eric bischoff is a delusional moron if he thinks that tna is a “competitor” to wwe.
            wwe put Hogan in the game because wwe owns all of the has been Hogan’s rassling footage. wwe owns the awa, wwf, wcw footage of Hogan and wwe can still make money off of Hogan.
            wwe does not care if 60 year old Hogan is in tna because wwe had Hogan when he was in his prime.

          • Hercules Rockerfeller

            Youre insane! He’s annoying that’s for sure! Entertaining? In what sense? If making a ass if himself?

      • Matt

        He’s defiantly got balls, can’t deny him that! Honestly surprised they didn’t bill Vince vs Bischoff on that cold night in WCW as Battle of the Balls!

  • jackkedx10

    I love everyone

  • snitch

    well at least he is quoted as saying you are experts…lol…and speaking of dirt, he is up to his eyeballs in that dirt we call s**t… cause he is full of it… just go away Bishoff

  • Jaryd

    Richard, have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t feed the trolls”? lol, trolling is the main thing Bisch is famous for these days I think haha

  • KrisXX

    Yeah, tell ’em Eric!!!! All dirtsheet sites should be free too! They don’t pay for the info, so why sell it?!! Plus anything important is already available free online!!

    • You have no idea how we get our information. If you did, you would realize how bad this statement makes you look.

      • KrisXX

        Yikes, you pay for it? Sucks for ya then yo!

  • foamy

    The “journalism” here is getting sloppy, when all it is just a posting tweets anyone can find on twitter!

    • the arbiter

      I know I cannot be bothered trawling through 1000’s of pro wrestling related tweets to get to the interesting bits. You can find them on twitter, i’ll stay here.

  • Austin

    A “repackaged video game.”? Eric is the moron here.