Eric Bischoff Wishes Morgan Well, TNA Continues European Expansion

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Bischoff Wishes Morgan Well

Eric Bischoff wrote the following on Twitter regarding Matt Morgan:

TNA Continues European Expansion

TNA Wrestling issued the following press release on Wednesday:

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING takes another step forward in Europe by announcing a new tie-up with Portugal’s leading sports broadcast, SPORT TV.

The contract will bring global wrestling stars including ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan, ‘The Icon’ Sting, ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ Jeff Hardy, Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle, Velvet Sky and Magnus back to Portuguese TV screens.

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will air every Tuesday at 10.30pm on SPORT TV, with repeats each Thursday at 7.30pm. TNA’s monthly One Night Only and PPV events – including Lockdown and Bound For Glory – will go out on Monday nights at 9.30pm.

Other sports broadcast by SPORT TV in Portugal include NBA, NFL, NHL, Formula 1, NASCAR, UFC and soccer from around the world including the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German leagues, as well as UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League games.

SPORT TV Programming and News Director Nuno Ferreira said: “SPORT TV wishes to integrate in its programming the most important and prestigious international competitions to reinforce the quality that our subscribers are looking for.

“TNA is now another extraordinary brand that we are proud to work with. Our wrestling fans are certainly very happy with this partnership.”

TNA Executive Vice President Andy Barton added: "Europe is a key growth area for TNA IMPACT WRESTLING and we are delighted to be returning to TV screens in Portugal.

“Portugal has always been full of fanatical wrestling fans and now they can watch the most innovative experience in professional wrestling each and every week – only on SPORT TV.”

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is currently the No1 rated weekly wrestling programme in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. The show also airs in France, Poland, Romania, Israel and more than 120 countries around the world.

  • _JIM_

    Big mistake by TNA. I still think Morgan could’ve been their biggest star. That’s IF they ever used him properly. The last little while they were doing pretty well with him. I liked the whole mini feud he had going with Hogan where he was trying to prove himself to Hogan while constantly bad mouthing him and everything he did wrong. He should’ve been more prominently displayed each week on Impact though IMO. Getting beaten by Sting a few weeks back on Impact where he passed out intead of tapping out made him look tough, but if he was so tough he shouldn’t be losing to a 50+ year old Sting. One week he was this unstoppable beast, then you barely see him the next. TNA just doesn’t have a clue how to build someone up. Their roster is too big, and they are trying to use too many people. Yeah the WWE has a big roster, but you don’t see them putting just anyone on Raw. TNA needs to figure out who their top guys are and who they want to use. Instead of giving us stuff like “gut check”, they should start giving us believable angles that we can get interested in utilizing the talent that the fans are interested in following. Morgan was just another victim of how TNA just doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on what good wrestling programming is and what it takes to make it. He’ll go to ROH and get over huge, and WWE will pick him back up and make him a star. That’s if WWE doesn’t grab him up right now.