Eric Bischoff's Comments, CM Punk Walking Out, Undertaker, Ziggler Overrated?

What's your response to Eric Bishoff's recent comments about him keeping track of 'dirt sheets' and labeling 'wrestling experts' as uneducated and small minded people that don't know as much as they think they do? Do you see yourself as one of those 'experts'?

I am well aware that most people in the business follow this website. Even those that claim they do not, can't help but read what is written about them. I have no problem with Eric Bischoff's comments because he's more than welcome to have his own opinion. I'm not going to try and alter his opinion or prove my expertise because that's not the reason I do what I do for a living. I operate this website to provide people with an insider prospective on the business. I can't control anything but what is carried on this website and I'll proudly stand by my contributions. I started in November 1999 as a kid with a dream and have gone on to watch shows from backstage, interview WWE Hall of Famers and break thousands of exclusive stories. The main reason for my success is readers like you reading each day and for that, I am forever grateful.

What does CM Punk "walking out" on the crowd on this week's WWE Raw mean?

I saw someone on Twitter joke that CM Punk "lost his smile" on this week's WWE Raw. As I reported here on, the promo was done to write Punk off television. He's not traveling overseas as he's taking some much needed (and deserved) time off. Punk is advertised for the 4/29 episode of WWE Raw from Columbus, Ohio.

Do you see Undertaker's latest run as a "farewell tour" or just a way to sale tickets and utilize him while they can?

I stressed prior to Undertaker vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29 that Undertaker couldn't be counted on in future plans because he's nearing the end of his career. Then he goes out and not only appears to be in phenomenal physical shape but has yet another outstanding Wrestlemania match. I'm always careful to speculate about the end of someone's career because truly, no one knows. We are very fortunate to experience Undertaker in his current form and every show, every appearance should be treated with a certain level of respect in that we are watching one of the greatest, if not the greatest, perform at a high level. As I stated following the pay-per-view a couple weeks ago, we need to start having the conversation about Undertaker being the greatest of all time. If I lived in London, I wouldn't want to miss next week's shows.

Do you think that Dolph Ziggler's character and in-ring capabilities kind of overrated?

I think the exact opposite - Dolph Ziggler's character and in-ring capabilities are underrated by WWE. Dolph is a guy that has had some of the best work in the company over the past couple years yet he's booked without confidence. This goes right along with CM Punk's comments about WWE starting and stopping on guys. One week he's going over for the title, the next he's pinned clean on free TV by Jack Swagger. I understand this is the "bigger picture" but I feel Ziggler is a guy if WWE really got behind could become a major star like CM Punk.

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  • PFElton

    If you’re grateful for us, cut out the political and social stances and innuendos you’ve recently found the need to work in your Journalism. None of us really care how you feel about gay marriage or homo slurs or whether or not Reid Flair’s Mother was right for putting him out.

    • Grateful but this is still trolling. 🙂

      • Tyson

        And again opinions are not trolling there disagreeing.

        • monty


          you are the biggest troll/hater on this site

          all you do is come to different articles only to leave hate comments, if you don’t like the site go somewhere else, no one is forcing you to visit this site


          you are a troll deal with it

          • Ok i rip on things hard. But an opinion is an opinion. Nobody is wrong with an opinion. To say that you would have to be an idiot. This is Pro wrestling we all love it otherwise no one would be here. I’ll admit i disagree with alot of what Richard say’s on some of his views. I give my point as well. If he agrees or not is up to him. For Richard to insult one of his readers by calling them a troll for saying he don’t like politics is a bit immature.

      • jdl

        I wouldn’t call it trolling, he’s got a point. This is a news site, specifically on wrestling, no one comes for your opinion on politics or anything of the sort. They’re here to read up on the latest wrestling news and gossip, that’s it. Your opinions on such matters don’t bother me in the slightest, but I can see where he’s coming from.

        • the arbiter

          All news sites carry opinion and bias, if a human was involved there is some form of bias. Also, if no one comes here for richards opinions why does richards backstage blogs and opinion pieces get so many views?

          • Mattx

            I just admit I never go on the Richard Reacts things. I don’t think anyone ever should charge money for their opinions. We get a video of Richards opinions and that costs us money. That’s not a premium service. I hear opinions everyday and for free.

    • f_caus

      U mad bro?

    • JohnnyC

      We should start calling him “Richard Gay”. But no seriously I love this site Richard.

      • A bit juvenile

        • Tyson

          That’s because your gay. Your gay and I bet u smell like vinegar.

          • Grammar Police

            Sir there has been a grammar infraction… it is You’re* for both your versions. Thank you, may this be a warning.

            Go get em Richard

          • Nostaljack

            …and the insipid comments continue. The 5 year-olds are taking over the comment area today. You’ll forgive me if I don’t return to see the witty and well thought out comeback I’m bound to receive.

          • Tyson

            This already is one you daft brush

          • Xavier

            Troll somewhere else kid. This site is for adults only

          • the arbiter

            I bet you smell like vinegar? lol, whut?

          • Chalon

            Lol and you say your are not trolling. Oh some people.

        • Nostaljack

          A bit? The light from “juvenile” is miles away from “JohnnyC”‘s insipid comment.

        • Smart Mark

          Richard just turned heel.

    • curious to know what story Richard could have even supposedly worked his thoughts on gay marriage into?

      • BobCobb

        Surprisingly a lot, I also found he deletes posts that diasagree with his opinion. At least he has in the past

        • Batmanbat

          Hell yes. I’ve had MANY deleted. Nothing ride. Nothing offensive. He didn’t like them do they were deleted. Go to Blewcher Report. That’s what he wishes this site was anyway. Look at how badly he’s ripping it off.

    • EricDraven86

      I personally don’t care whether Richard includes his own views or not. I’ve been using this site since the Benoit tragedy happened, and I’ve never seen him take an issue off of Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment for anything longer than a few statements.

    • Guest


    • BobCobb


    • Tyson

      I have been saying this for weeks. As a so called journalist or “reporter” there should be some neutrality but here he goes again answering questions about internal site politics rather then a question about wrestling.

      We may as well start saying “hey Richard where did u get that latest awful haircut it’s really bad, I need his name so I can avoid getting that done to myself” and then proceed to let Richard ramble on about his follicle achievements in a few hundred words.

    • Smart Mark

      He posts multiple articles every day, so what if one of those articles is not completely related on wrestling, you have so many articles to choose from. Just don’t read the one that isn’t about wrestling? Ever thought of that, and if you noticed those articles get comments and reactions so there are people that appreciate it. You act like you have no choice but to read them? You have a brain don’t you? You have an opinion… So why don’t you read what you want to read and not read what you don’t want to read. McDonald’s sells nearly 20 different types of burgers, should they just get rid of the whole business because a couple of people don’t like one certain burger? Get outta here mark.

      • Batman

        Ha. Calling him a “mark” is hilarious when you’ve just marked so badly for Richard you can see his shit all over your nose.

    • Trolling and if its a article were richards views can be added with taking away from the article thrn why shouldnt he? We all put our own views in the comments section be it about the fliehr family,his views on same sex marriage or if cadburys make the best chocolate

  • Dave L

    Every year the undertaker is in “worse shape” and ends up putting on a great match at Wrestlemania, couldn’t he just be hired to work just wrestlemania and that be his contract? Does anyone have proof or has he admitted he’s really this hurt?

    • Tyson

      Forget the undertaker. Did u see Richard achieved some stuff. What a great guy. I know that had nothing to do with wrestling but just thought we could talk about it

      • Wolfpack

        Sooo .. What you’re saying is you’re in love, & infatuated with Richard .. I’ve never met a Muslim troll. 1st time for everything ..

        • Tyson

          I am free to say what I want since it’s a free country so you can’t be judgemental of me and I could love Richard if he had better hair and did not smell like vinegar and if my religion allowed the freedom for two men to love each other

          • Smart Mark

            Your keep saying its a free country but this site is available worldwide so your just assuming that only Americans are on this site? You racist SOB

          • Batmanb

            America is not a race.

          • the arbiter

            Lol, freedom of speech protects you from retribution from the government for what you say and thats it. People can judge what you say to be “full on pants on head retarded” . Also, this is a private site, so if they really wanted to they could ban you, or edit your posts to say “Hi, im tyson and I love to gobble mens junk” and there wouldn’t be a damned thing you could do about it.

            funny little troll, I lol’ed.

          • Wolfpack

            Actually troll, I’ve served in iraq, & although the Muslim men are married to females they only have relations with them to reproduce. Other than that, they have young men “boys” for their sexual pleasure. So don’t try to hide behind you “religion” ..

    • Well we know he has permanent damage to his shoulder and knees. He had surgery on the shoulder a couple years ago. Take a look at the pics of him in Waco, Texas from February and the pics from Wrestlemania. He obviously took his training up a level. He didn’t even know how much he had left in the tank which is why he asked for a match at a non-televised show for a dry run.

  • The Breaker

    I wasn’t the one who sent it in, but maybe the last question was asking if Ziggler is overrated in the eyes of hardcore fans; because he obviously isn’t in the eyes of WWE, evident by the way he’s been booked.

  • Eric bischoff has no clue about what he thinks he knows lets not forget he was part of wcws demise

  • BigD

    Richard is entitled to his beliefs and opinions. That is what makes this country great. This is his website and he can post whatever he wants. Althought I will point out that I am conservative and don’t agree with Richards political views. I do still enjoy this website. I just wish people who voiced their conservative opinions wernt automatically labeled homophobes and bigots by our media these days. Just my 2 cents.

    • Tyson

      I am a Muslim that wants to wear the burcha and preach the qu’ran in schools. Is it ok if I do that freely

      • I’m a troll. Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s you.

      • Matt

        That’s just ignorant

    • Matt

      The only part I have issue with is “that’s what makes this country great”. I’m English. You saying we don’t have the same freedoms as America? We have opinions too. And free speech. And we practice them daily.

  • jdl

    Ziggler is not talented enough to be on the same level as Punk. There’s no ifs ands or butts about it. Is he talented? Yeah. Is he able to cut a promo on the same level as Punk? No. He isn’t able to connect with the audience like Punk, nor is he as well rounded and versatile in the ring.

    • The Man, The Myth, The Legend

      LOL that’s laughable. Punk has been in the business way longer then Ziggler, yet Ziggler as already surpassed Punk in everything (ring work, mic, etc,) Punk fans overrated the shit out of Punk, he is nowhere near as good as the smarks make him out to be. Ziggler is already on his way of replacing Punk as the top heel in the company despite the fact that Punk tried to bury Ziggler in their feud at the Royal Rumble in 2012. Ziggler > Punk

      • Nate

        Mic Skills really? You’re right that is laughable. He hasn’t yet anyway (like you said, he’s young and almost at the same level), Ziggler is amazing don’t get me wrong. And if I’m a ‘Smark’ for putting Punk over, then what are you for putting Ziggler over? I know a hypocrite and jumping on the Ziggler bandwagaon. (I would like to point out, that I am a punk fan, and equally favor Ziggler, but idiots like you annoy me).

        • Gary Robert

          Punkis the best worker on the mic in the business today. I don’t even think theres a close second.

  • Guest

    What’s up man, was wondering if you’d be interesting in joining a group on facebook I created where we discuss wrestling. I’m looking for knowledgeable wrestling fans too add this site. It’s refreshing too see people that post on here that don’t worship the ground that Punk walks on. If your interesting just let me know.

    • Chalon

      So you want knowledgeable wrestling fans… Punk is a great wrestler in the whole sense of the word, and it would make sense a knowledgeable wrestling fan would be a fan of his, but you specify you don’t want Punk fans? And you post as guest?
      hmm, I smell troll.

  • Talent is talent. Undertaker will always pull out a good match reason being. His gimmick alone bring mystiqe & a wow factor. Then you count Undertakers wrestling ability its the era he was trained & worked under. Shawn Michaels to this day i think will pull out a 5 star match. Emotion also is an element. Also telling a story. Shawn, Undertaker, CM Punk are story tellers. Its like reading a book by your favorite author. Will it be the same as the last? Maybe not. But ou know their style. You saying Undertaker is to banged up. This may not be a 5 star classic. All you are going to get is proved wrong everytime. If Undertaker feels he had nothing left in him. He would retire.

  • This Tyson fella has nothing better to do than to have some sort hard on for Richard and troll. Keep jobbing hard kid.

  • Rambo Commander

    There is not even a speck of doubt about it that the Undertaker is the greatest of all time. If anyone had that doubt, after his Wrestlemania performance, those doubts should’ve long disappeared.