ESPN Reporter Says Wrestlemania XXVIII Did 1.9 Million Buys

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- Gus Ramsey from ESPN posted the following on Twitter:

If this is true it's an incredible number for WWE.

  • Aldin94

    No joke but its like everyone in my city bought the ppv. Myself and a friend of my’n went to another friends to watch.

  • H.M.

    I'm sure that has to shut the Rock's haters up. Rock = bigger draw then Cena ever was.

    Just saying though.

    Amazing number too.

  • Da KiDD

    If that's true, then that's f'n sick!!! Mayweather vs. De La Hoya is the highest rated sporting event in the history of ppv, and that did 2.4 (I think)

  • Someone


  • ChromeyDaniels

    Wow. If it is true. That’s a phenomenal number for WWE to get. Congrats!

  • jdl

    I'll believe it when the numbers are official.

  • Brandon from south Africa

    Wow! 1.9 million!? That’s like an 85% increase on last year’s!

  • ZackPck

    That is insane. I'm assuming it is a record for WWE?

  • dusty588

    If there really are that many buys, thats amazing!

  • A.J.

    YES! YES! YES!

  • SimUmp

    Take that UFC! Lol

  • John

    That’s all due to The Rock! Love him or hate him, peoples champion, trail blazin’, eye brown raisin’, pie eatin’, Cena hatin’, can’t deny he raises buys! (yes I meant for that to rhyme!) IF YA SMMMMEEELELELELELELELELELELLLL!!! WHAT THE ROCK……IS COOKIN’!!!!!!

    • Matt Scott

      Never do that again.

    • Jessie Skys

      Shut up!

  • Chris

    1.9 million at an average of $60 per buy=114 million. Minus the cut for the cable companies, they are clearing at least $80,000,000. That’s just PPV. WWE had a good business weekend.

    • Dinosaur

      $35 in AUS

  • Kash

    Holy shit!!

    I mean, I expected they would break the 1million mark easily, but almost 2million?

    (And all the Rocky haters can shut up now)

    • Matt Scott

      Yea because WWE spent a year building Rock vs Rock. Far be it for me to say Cena is a legend but give the guy credit. He rode that angle alone for about 10 months, he was in the match too, he took the clean loss. It wasn’t just Rock that got that.

    • Jessie Skys

      You’re an idiot!

  • Kleck

    I’m glad so many bought and hopefully enjoyed it as much as I did. This was such a solid card…if only DBry and Sheamus

  • kevin

    I’m a long time wrestling fan started 1978 get wrestlemania every year so congrats on the number. I thought it was a very boring ppv. Love the rock but his match was a bore for him. Cm punk and Chris jericho match of the night by far. Triple h undertaker good but last years was better, they hardly touched the cell.

  • @commishg19

    Thats a record surely?? guess they'll be looking to top that next year

  • James M>>>

    Ha! And you all thought Maria Menounos couldn’t draw, eat that haters!

  • havoc525

    Next year, Brock, Rock, Austin, likely Taker, maybe even a lil’ Trips and HBK. Rock got them way up, now it’s time to ride this wave. Big stars of the past can still draw, plain and simple.

    • Matt Scott

      But that shouldn’t be the case. Yes 1.9m (that’s just America btw, don’t forget this is a worldwide event) is a phenomenal number but if it takes stars of the past to get that number how are WWE gonna move forward when Rock, Taker, HHH, Austin can’t go anymore? That 1.9m could do easily become just 900,000.

      • kevin

        They don’t pay for it England New Zealand get it for free. The U.S. pays.


    you guys are complaining about d-bry getting squashed but don't you realize how popular hes getting just because of this? the chairman is smart he know's what he's doing,,,

  • Michael

    Damn!! those WRESTLEMANIA bonus checks are going to be mighty NICE.

    • Willie

      Yes yes yes yes yes

  • bruno

    Let me see how you give all the credit to the rock. If the buyrate was low, people will blame cena. HHH vs taker, punk vs jericho, and cena vs the rock all drew people to buy. Dont give all the credit to the rock