ESPN's Robert Flores Talks To John Cena About Turning Heel

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- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores joined Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent this week on MLW Radio presented by Flores spoke about a conversation he had with John Cena about a potential heel turn.

"I've talked to John Cena about this and he doesn't really want to because he does so much charity work and I think he thinks it would affect that and maybe it would, but I would just love to see him turn heel. I see guys like Miz and David Otunga, guys that are 'heels,' still continue to be involved with the company's charity initiatives, so obviously Cena is on a different level when compared to those guys, but just being selfish as a fan, I think it would be fascinating TV to see him just turn heel and see the reaction it would get."

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  • Patrick Peralta

    I'm not suprised that would be Cena's answer to not turn heel all the charity work he does which he takes pride in doing. to him that is important and if it is something he enjoys doing then I don't blame him.

  • havoc525

    I think the only time he’ll be ok with a turn is after he hits his personal goal of 1,000 wishes for Make A Wish. If he’s a “bad guy” then less kids are likely to wish him.

  • Sameer

    The Best in the World is gonna give Cena a beat down.