Estimated Buyrate For WWE Money In The Bank 2012

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WWE has updated their key performance indicators, estimating the buyrate for WWE Money in the Bank at approximately 200,000 buys.

The show did 195,000 buys last year and 165,000 the year prior.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    very good wow great job wwe

  • craig

    This would actually be down from last year in the USA since it was free in the UK for 2011 and it had to be bought this year

    • lukeheffernan

      It was free this year on sky sports

      • craig

        I was misinformed then thinking that it rotates each year from free to pay on the b shows

    • Cmfunk12

      They only show the buys in the USA.

    • Bolo

      Aren't WWE's KPI estimates for North America only?

  • H.M.

    Pretty good.