Ethan Revealed As Former WWE Star Derrick Bateman

Last week TNA began airing vignettes to introduce a new character known as Ethan. After the airing of a new vignette on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, we are able to identify the new character. Ethan will be played by Michael Hutter, who previously worked for WWE as Derrick Bateman.

Hutter worked a tryout match against Jay Bradley at the August 29, 2013 Impact taping in Cleveland, Ohio and has since been signed to a contract. He was released from WWE in May, at which point he said he needed a break both physically and mentally.

If you missed the latest Ethan vignette, you can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • LBP365

    Great pick up! Now don’t blow it hopefully Hogan is gone for real if not he should be after that stunt in a thong I’m sure Maria has a buy out in her ROH contract (in hope to return to the WWE) Her boy friend and Ethan add Magnus object take out Austin Aries, let Austin loose on the mic. REMEMBER there’s nothing wrong with copying an idea u just have to one up it the old NWA/WWF, WCW/WWF, Demolition/ Road Warriors, Rock n Roll Express/The Rockers Fans like to see who work the idea the best Sting/Ultimate Warrior. And now Austin Aries and CM Punk

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    He has that Alberto Del Rio vibe but as a pretty boy spoiled brat gimmick.