Evan Bourne Available To Return To WWE After Second Wellness Policy Violation

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Evan Bourne is officially off the suspended list and is eligible to return to WWE after failing his second Wellness test. More importantly for Evan, he will once again collect the downside portion of his WWE paycheck after going two months without payment.

While Bourne's future in WWE looked bleak a couple months ago, there have been rumors recently linking him to the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII for control of the brands. There have been sources that have said it's extremely unlikely WWE would reward him with the Wrestlemania bonus after consecutive Wellness violations, but it has been out there.

I have yet to see Bourne advertised for any future WWE shows and while the feeling was he would end up getting cut, he is available if WWE decides to bring him back.

  • Guest

    If he's in, what sort of message is it sending to the rest of the crew that are busting their butts and staying clean? Give the spot to someone that has earned it and is paying their dues. If I was a worker I would be more pissed about this then with the Rock coming back. At least the Rock is bringing in some outside attention.

    • Logan_Walker

      That is So True

      Even bouren i think will be suspended by the end of this year

      • XKonn247

        First, it’s Evan Bourne. Second, he’s just been suspended… Twice. Third, the “cuts” will be in April.

        • Logan_Walker

          oh okay i miss spelled but knowing him he will be either cut due to "Roster Cuts" or getting suspended

    • Alex P

      Well also at least The Rock is a legend of the business and at one time paid his dues. I fully agree with you though. I'd be furious as a worker if someone who was consistently violated rules (let alone drug related ones) got a leg up over me, even if I busted my butt to get to the position I'm currently at.

  • Yousef

    Does Bourne really deserve a spot on the show?

    • Patrick_Peralta

      No Bourne does NOT deserve on the show, and I agree with the post above… if he is in the GM Feud match then it sends the wrong message to the rest of the lockerroom who stay clean and bust there butts for the company….

  • Adam

    It would be a shame to take that spot away from a guy like Ziggler considering Bourne has been suspended twice in a row.

  • Philip Thompson

    There are lots of spot monkey wannabee wrestlers that WWE could bring in to replace Bourne at a fraction of the cost and it wouldn't take them much effort to build them up to his level of popularity, all it takes is a decent gimmick. For instance, rather than unmasking Hunico – I'd have never brought the original Sin Cara back and just kept Hunico under the mask – he'd have done a better job and been cheaper.

  • Does nobody miss the high flyers and risk takers like I do? Bourne can get back on track and be better than ever.

  • Miles

    Remember he got time off for smoking a legal substance which is rediculous seeing as you would only get a fine for smoking illegal marijuana, are they going to suspend Orton for smoking a cigarette? All you Bourne haters need to understand the situation completely and stop being so bloody narrow minded and nieve regarding what Bourne does legally in his private life and focus on what he can do in the ring which to be fair is a lot better than most of the roster in wwe

    • Mike

      It's not a matter of being a Bourne hater. I don't hate him. I think he has tremendous potential.
      It's a matter of the guy acting like a complete and total muppet. Whether or not the synthetic marijuana Bourne was suspended for smoking is legal or not is irrelevant. Its use violates the terms of his employment contract, and he got screwed for it. He should have known better.

  • TheDave

    While he doesn’t deserve his spot on the card, if he has serious problems with drugs and is trying to overcome them he should at least not be cut. Lots of wrestlers have violated the policy abusing body enhancement. If Bourne was using recreational and is trying to get better then I’m behind him

    • AJG316

      I know you won't be alone evan bourne is a nice guy and shouldn't be at this phase in his life he should come clean and if so then everybody would be behind him

  • Mike

    I have to agree with Guest, Yousef, and Adam on this (and possibly more peeps, but there's only three comments at the moment).
    There's no way that Evan Bourne deserves a spot on this year's Wrestlemania card, especially not if doing so would take that spot, and the associated payday, away from someone who's worked hard and stayed clean.
    The match is likely going to be a bit of a mess as it is, with so many people involved at once. All Evan would be used for is a few high risk spots through the course of the match, which wouldn't really add much in the grand scheme of things, and neither would the absence of those high spots detract from the match.
    At this stage, from the WWE's perspective, I think the best thing for Evan Bourne would be for the WWE to reintroduce him after WM.
    From Evan's perspective, no matter when the WWE brings him back, I think the best thing for him to do is focus on putting on superlative in-ring performances. He needs to make himself the indispensible man, he needs to connect with the crowd from the outset, and he needs to stay relevant, otherwise he'll end up being Future-Endeavoured, and no one will even care.

    Actually, I stand corrected… the best thing that Evan Bourne can do for himself is to grow up and quit being the [email protected]$e trying to skirt the WWE's wellness policy with that synthetic marijuana crap. As experience now has shown him – should have shown him – he's not as smart as he thinks he is, and his name doesn't have the marquee value of, say, a Jeff Hardy to allow him to screw up over and over and over and keep his spot.
    That said, I expect to see him alongside Jeff in TNA within the next year, for obvious reasons.


    I hope that Evan Bourne can still be part of the WWE,but I really don't want him to be in the 12-Man Tag Team Match at WrestleMania,maybe another match with Kingston,so Bourne can be a heel and verse Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania28,so the tag team partners can be rivals,like Morrison,and the Miz,and also like R-Truth,and the Miz:-}

  • Alejandro

    I like Evan,but I think him NOT getting on Wrestlemania seems like a fair punishment.Plus there are plenty of other good face’s that could be put on the team instead,Zack Ryder,Justin Gabriel,Ezekiel Jackson,etc.