Evan Bourne Provides New Health Update

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Evan Bourne posted the following update on his injured foot on his Twitter account:

  • Kleck

    Well thanks for posting this Richard. By the time he comes back IF he comes back, what a surprise that will be because we will have completely forgotten about him.

    • You found this on your own. The thing here is that TK can boot anyone who caeuss trouble here. Most of us have been here the entire year that TK has had this site. We have never had a problem getting along. I call everybody here my friend. And thats what makes this site so good, we all respect each other. We talk weather mostly, but sports as well. Somtimes sombody posts here on a personal note and we all try to listen and encourage that person. I am glad you found this site and hope you enjoy it as much as myself and others here.