Evan Bourne Says He's Healthy, Will Return Soon

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Evan Bourne wrote on Twitter that he's healthy enough to return to the ring. The following is from his verified account:

Bourne's been out for over a year after suffering a mid-foot fracture following consecutive WWE Wellness Policy violations (a total of 90 days suspended). He worked a WWE NXT live event on 3/28 to test his foot. We still have coverage of that match online at this link.

  • RJH

    Finally we can check out if he will be futered endeavered…

    • Guest

      Woooow dude show some respect the man has worked through breaking his foot literally in half…. That right there should prove to McMahon and any punkass on this site that he’s the real deal. Who cares if he smokes a little pot…. If ppl are gonna hate him for doing that then there’s a buuuuuuunch of other wrestlers that u guys need to be hating on that do a whole hell of a lot worse

      • Nostaljack

        You don’t know much about Mr. Bourne, do you? If you did, you wouldn’t have minimized. It’s out there to read if you wish to do so.

  • Kleck

    Evan who? Exactly…sure the WWE needs the risk?

  • Herman Tank

    Maybe Evan Bourne is the huge name Dixie was talking about signing!!!