Evan Bourne's Injury Career-Threatening

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Evan Bourne's foot injury is not just a nasty looking severe injury but it's career threatening. Bourne suffered a midfoot fracture, also known as a LisFranc fracture dislocation, which is an injury that has been known to be career-threatening to athletes even when treated well.

Bourne suffered the injury in a car accident on Monday, March 19, 2012, just two days after his 60-day suspension from his second WWE Wellness Policy violation had ended. Bourne is out indefinitely.

You can read more about Bourne's severe injury at this link.

  • Andy

    ouch. The lad just can't find a break (no pun intended) within himself. Mistakes or no mistakes, I wish him all the best; it's never nice to see a promising career ruined in any workplace.

  • Rachel Orton

    I hope he comes back he is so good in the ring an out side he is the nicest guy ao why do bad things have to happen to the nice guys. <3

  • swanson

    especially with the high flying style he uses, you land wrong once its over. hope it works out

    • Razmos01

      Haha HIGH flying, couldnt of put it any better!!

  • Robert Wood

    I feel like im reliving brian pillman. Tag Team superstar to drugs to car accident leaving career threatening injuries. we all know what's next

  • Russell

    You can say whatever you like i'm sure many don't feel sorry for bourne's recent problems with drugs and now this car accident. But Evan or whatever your real name is if you are reading this I want to let you know I hope you can step back in that ring. You are one of my favorite wrestlers very underrated and very trash talked I respect you man. And your style inspires me for my hopeful wrestling career in a couple of years. Except I'm very 6'0 and 265 and haven't hit my growth spurt cause I'm 13.

    • Philg

      Your a tank kid your gonna be sheamus sized! Lol

      • Russell

        Thanks that means a lot to me bro I'm bigger than most anybody I see anywhere and to believe big show is a foot taller than me no telling how tall he looks in real life!

    • Mohammad Abulawi

      dude im 13 5’0 120 pds and yes im waiting very much for my growth spurg.

    • Mohammad Abulawi

      dude im 13 5’0ft 120 pds and yes im waiting very much for my growth spurt.

  • Anaconda Vice

    Hope he comes back

  • Joe

    He was probably smoking some bud when he crashed

  • diddy

    Can the poor kid not catch a break first he is suspended twice no a broken foot sucks to be him.

  • Logan_Walker

    Thats It I Called It a Couple Of Weeks Ago When This Happened.. Bye Bye Evan Bourne… you Were Good

  • Kevin

    I really feel for the guy. He had great potential. I hope he can return.

  • Holly anne

    I really like evan he’s so good! I hope he’s okay and hope he comes back.. And btw say hello to your future diva champ! I’m 5’3 and 120…. And I can bench lift about 55lb but I’m working on it!!! Oh and in 12 lol