Evan Bourne's Suspension Period Ends

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Evan Bourne was suspended on November 1, so his first suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy has ended.

Bourne is already locally advertised to face Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship at house shows this weekend.

  • Liam

    So you get suspended and then immediately get a US title shot? I know its only house shows but still

    • tyrdea

      Welcome to WWE & why so many KNOW that the Wellness Policy is such a joke. Can’t wait for R-Truth to return & get a World Title shot!!!

  • infamous743

    Yes because Bourne should get a title match after a suspension and not Ryder

    • Lewis Reale

      Its pretty obvious to me that they aren’t giving Ryder his shot because it’s what the fans seem to want, why not hold it off and make them want it even more?

    • tyrdea

      No offense, but on what planet in what universe are you living in? So, you think someone should do wrong & get rewarded? It was bad enough that he gets suspended & still gets to keep half of the tag titles (How the He** that happened, I still don't know..), but now he gets a US title shot to boot? Damn, Triple H better watch his back, not for Nash, but for Evan cause Steph is on the Championship committee & Evan has GOT to be doing something for someone to get this type of love…

  • Shea

    Bout time! But I agree that he shouldn’t have the tag team title AND a US title shot.