Eve Discusses Her Closest Friends In WWE, What Inspired Her To Become A Diva, More

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Slim Jim recently conducted an interview with Eve, in which she discussed her friends in the Divas' locker room, what inspired her to become a WWE Diva, and more. The interview is embedded below:

  • gpturbo81

    maybe she is a good match for cena. she's wonderwoman, he's superman.

  • Mojo

    Nah. Wonderwoman had skills and a personality. WWE could always replace her with a bottle of water or something.

    • Wwe4L76

      Hahahaahaha!!! The whole diva divition could be replaced with bottles

    • denise

      hehehehhehe…..i like that comment really funny

  • Loki P

    She is HOT though 🙂


    She's Awesome, Haters gon hate.


    Eve has proven her worth and keeps on getting better. She's much better than the likes of Alicia/Kelly/Bellas.


    and she's easily one of the brightest Diva Search/no wrestling experience prospects they've ever had.


    She held her own with Beth, just like she held her own with Natalya several times.


    She'd probably receive a lot less flack than she does if she was an independent wrestler, but hey, that's wrestling purists for you.

    • Adamtrace

      10/10 for that

  • Adam

    Divas are crap nuttin but eye candy waste of time thm having a match always over in a few seconds pointless

  • PikaPal4ever

    the knockouts are so much better than the divas. Almost every knockout could out wrestle any diva except beth.