Eve Injured On Tonight's WWE Raw Supershow

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Eve suffered a broken nose on tonight's edition of WWE Raw Supershow during the eight-Divas tag team match. The injury occurred after she was stiffed by Beth Phoenix.

Eve went to the back after she tagged out as she was bleeding heavily and required treatment.

  • Josh

    any word on the r-truth injury?? couldn't tell if it was legit or not

    • havoc525

      Looked like a concussion, should know for sure by tomorrow. His head pounded the floor.

      • Logan_Walker

        That Must Of Hurt, And They Say its Fake. It Looks Like Miz Fault

    • Sebastian

      I think it’s not real just going wit the story line

    • Hardy

      Yeah I think it was legit, timing didn’t look right plus miz was supposed to cushion his fall. Hopefully it isn’t anything major, but it was a hefty slam.

  • Dave Barton

    Never even noticed her leave. Thinking old school, they should just work it into the Kane storyline.

    • Mr. Love

      Seriously she is horrible, not as bad as some but I dot even want to hear her name. Break her nose everyday of the week I don’t care

  • jovan

    a broken nose is nothing compared to do what Kane could potentially do to her.

  • Gary

    She breaks her nose and goes to the back? Seriously? The whole DIVA division is a joke anyway, as are the matches and whoever choreographs them. I mean, Tamina jumps off the top rope, and pins the lame-o twin and not one of the 3 members of her team try to break it up. They just stand there and watch? If they aren't going to at least make the DIVA division semi-credible then just remove it. No one cares at this point.

    • Scottyo614

      I wondered where her teammates were too lol

  • BigMike

    I hope truth is ok and I hope it was not on purpose by Miz just trying to think he is better than he is IDK what his ego is like but he will get a SERIOUS heat if he intentionally screwed it up

  • Richie

    It was evident when they came back from break that Miz was talking to Truth. That bump wasn’t supposed to happen. Miz was out of place. Hell that was clear during the bump! I’m just glad Truth is ok as he has been greatly entertaining lately! Plus his shirt actually got a small pop out of me

  • Thumpa

    Did they film the last segment before her match? Did anyone notice her nose?

  • Chris3285

    Eve is hotter than all of your wives if any of you actually have one. You are most likely grown men so get off a wrestling website and do something with your life. By the way I am 16, and if your not down with that I got two words for ya. SUCK IT!!!

    • havoc525

      In that case, take your own advice, child. Get off the internet and get to school. Get a life, and girlfriend, instead of living online and quoting a group who’s biggest moments happened while you were in diapers and just learning to walk. If you’re not down with that, I got five words for you…I don’t give a shit.

  • PC

    There not gonna have her bleed out on TV. Its a new era in the WWE they don't do blood anymore.

  • Chris

    That Divas match went for just 95 seconds bell to bell.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Didnt Beth get her jaw broke by Victoria during a match a few years ago and still finished the match? Goes to show why the Glamazon is the dominant of the Division. Takes a lickin, keeps on tickin, injury after injury.