Eve Posts Video On "Why Kelly Kelly Doesn't Have What It Takes"

Eve posted the following video from her Twitter account late Tuesday night:

  • Oh no… Please WWE do NOT give us Kelly Kelly vs Eve at Mania! No body wants to see this match, two talentless bimbos that are not worthy of a PPV slot, let alone a Mania slot. I'd rather see a Diva Battle Royal with either Kharma destroying everyone, or Natalya or Beth pushing through dominantly.

  • H.M.

    Eve vs Kelly Kelly at Wrestlemania? -__-

  • Anjani Rathee

    Eve, we. All know that beneath all that makeup and attitude is a Eve that hates doing all this but she has to for the sake of the WWE

  • Ricky Valdez

    Eve is to sweet to be a heel diva, she needs to let loose like Michelle McCool, she was all nice and sweet then she became a good heel.

    • Jman72485

      I agree, eve need to let find that inner bitchiness in order too pull of her heel turn. Hope she’s able to, I can see her as a femme fatale type of heel…

  • Dangerous Lee

    Apparently Kelly Kelly has what it takes to sleep with over 10 guys in the locker room….

    • AJG316

      I'm gonna go ahead and guess u just saw the segment from when Jerry springer guest starred on raw so let me include in on a secret IT WAS A PRANK

      • Dangerous Lee

        I was actually referring to what Randy orton said about her in an interview, which he later apologized for.

  • Moe

    This seems like the funniest thing in a while.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    LOL … The Battle of Sk…k Juice vs. Hater Ade (Eve of Destruction vs. K2). Only thing: not @ Wrestlemania, PLEEEZE!! Leave that spot for the grownups (Beth&Nattie vs.Kharma and/or Tamena) willya????