Eve Posts Video On “Why Kelly Kelly Doesn’t Have What It Takes”

Eve posted the following video from her Twitter account late Tuesday night:

  • http://www.wrestlerock.com.au Simon Veitch

    Oh no… Please WWE do NOT give us Kelly Kelly vs Eve at Mania! No body wants to see this match, two talentless bimbos that are not worthy of a PPV slot, let alone a Mania slot. I'd rather see a Diva Battle Royal with either Kharma destroying everyone, or Natalya or Beth pushing through dominantly.

  • H.M.

    Eve vs Kelly Kelly at Wrestlemania? -__-

  • Anjani Rathee

    Eve, we. All know that beneath all that makeup and attitude is a Eve that hates doing all this but she has to for the sake of the WWE

  • Ricky Valdez

    Eve is to sweet to be a heel diva, she needs to let loose like Michelle McCool, she was all nice and sweet then she became a good heel.

    • Jman72485

      I agree, eve need to let find that inner bitchiness in order too pull of her heel turn. Hope she’s able to, I can see her as a femme fatale type of heel…

  • Dangerous Lee

    Apparently Kelly Kelly has what it takes to sleep with over 10 guys in the locker room….

    • AJG316

      I'm gonna go ahead and guess u just saw the segment from when Jerry springer guest starred on raw so let me include in on a secret IT WAS A PRANK

      • Dangerous Lee

        I was actually referring to what Randy orton said about her in an interview, which he later apologized for.

  • Moe

    This seems like the funniest thing in a while.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    LOL … The Battle of Sk…k Juice vs. Hater Ade (Eve of Destruction vs. K2). Only thing: not @ Wrestlemania, PLEEEZE!! Leave that spot for the grownups (Beth&Nattie vs.Kharma and/or Tamena) willya????