Eve Says She'll Never Pose For Playboy, Possible Name Of New NXT Faction, Jerry Lawler Interview

- WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres did an interview to promote this week's WWE-themed episode of "The Soup" on E. In it, she said she would never pose for Plaboy. You can listen to the interview in the video embedded below:

- One of the names pitched for the faction of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns was "The Shield." We wrote an earlier story about their theme music at this link.

- Inside Edition posted their interview with Jerry Lawler that you can watch in the video embedded below:


  • dhoom0212

    Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Theme Sing
    Im Telling You by Damn It To Hell

  • Noah

    I just lost all interest in Eve for some reason

  • I have a better name! How bout the nWo! Nxt World Order!

    • MonstaHeel450

      NEXXUS, part 6

  • nandy05

    Richard, don’t copy what marcelo rodriguez said last sunday, he wrote a twitter today staying that when he mentioned “the shield” was something created by him to compare NxT guys with a movie segment.

    • Chris H


  • vmagic

    The Shield sounds lame imo, like their theme.

  • Dave Barton

    "The Shield"…nope, don't like it.

  • Nick B

    Because they shield punk from danger?

  • Moe

    Never, eh? Let's see this one lol.

  • OlDad83

    Chicks are always saying they’re not going to do stuff then they go and do it. If wwe gets away from PG anytime in the not too distant future, I bet my lunch money Eve will be naked as a jay bird

  • An0n

    Come on eve, never say never

  • hurrigame

    If I had a nickel for every time a WWE Diva said she would never pose for Playboy…as they say in the E…never say never.

  • Topherrulez

    Sweet penthouse it is for Eve!!

  • well that is bad news from Eve

  • MonstaHeel450

    Eve: Playboy? No. Penthouse? Maybe. Hustler? Hmm…. I'm listening, Larry.