Eve Talks About Getting A Rare Opportunity To Main Event Raw; Being Backstage At Raw 1000

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IGN.com has a new article online featuring a Q&A with Eve Torres to promote the premiere of "Stars Earn Stripes" Monday at 8 PM on NBC. Below is an excerpt:

IGN: A few weeks ago, RAW ended with you and AJ involved a tag match [teaming with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, respectively] and it’s been pointed out that it was notable that there were two female wrestlers in the main event. Was that a cool moment for you?

Eve: It was an extremely cool moment. Not only was I in my hometown of Denver, Colorado, but there are is a very small number of women who have had that opportunity to main event RAW. To be one of those women was an honor for me, to be a part of that. It’s something that I can say that I’ve done and I’m very proud of.

IGN: A ton of classic WWE superstars were on RAW in the weeks leading up to the 1000th episode and then the 1000th episode itself. What’s it like when you have them backstage; some of the guys that we all grew up with?

Eve: Oh, it’s so awesome. Backstage, especially at RAW’s 1000th episode, I mean, everyone was there. It was just so fun to watch everyone interact, the old with the new, and have legends come in. It also reminded everyone where this all started and the history of WWE. It’s a big part of where we are today and the future of WWE and where it’s going.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Matt

    Eve is always a class act!

  • Tim

    Absolutely zero percent to do with eve it was the other 3 why the match was last

  • Patrick Peralta

    She lives in Denver Colorado? COOL maybe one day I'll meet her. one never knows I live in Fort Collins not to far from Denver.


    Eve is someone who is great at their job, in and out of the ring. And you know she loves what she does.