Eve Torres Announces Engagement To Rener Gracie

Eve Torres announced her engagement to boyfriend Rener Gracie on Twitter Thursday night by Tweeting an Instagram photo of the ring. You can view the Tweet below:


  • Joey

    Congrats to Eve! Hope she has many happy years with the lucky gentleman.

  • joe

    what a rock!

  • Sovikos

    Is Rener Gracie a wrestler or anyone famous?

    • Big D

      He's a part of the Gracie family, pioneers of MMA and the founding family of the UFC.

  • Ranfery25

    That Lucky SOB! Lol well Congrats Eve!

  • Miles

    One lucky dude

  • Patrick Peralta

    Congrats to EVE.

  • Arnaud PEZERIL

    Well, I've never been so un-happy!

  • usman

    owwww john cena is better hezz sexyer eve ur daft should have got john cena