Eve Torres Announces Engagement To Rener Gracie

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Eve Torres announced her engagement to boyfriend Rener Gracie on Twitter Thursday night by Tweeting an Instagram photo of the ring. You can view the Tweet below:


  • Joey

    Congrats to Eve! Hope she has many happy years with the lucky gentleman.

  • joe

    what a rock!

  • Sovikos

    Is Rener Gracie a wrestler or anyone famous?

    • Big D

      He's a part of the Gracie family, pioneers of MMA and the founding family of the UFC.

  • Ranfery25

    That Lucky SOB! Lol well Congrats Eve!

  • Miles

    One lucky dude

  • Patrick Peralta

    Congrats to EVE.

  • Arnaud PEZERIL

    Well, I've never been so un-happy!

  • usman

    owwww john cena is better hezz sexyer eve ur daft should have got john cena