Eve Torres On Absence From Raw Supershow; Vader Comments On WWE Return

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- Eve Torres explained her absence from Raw Supershow in the following Twitter update:

- Leon "Vader" White, who was over like rover on Monday's Raw Supershow, wrote the following on Twitter following his match against Heath Slater:

  • Ralphus

    I was glad to see Vader! The last time I saw him in a WWE ring it wasn't as flattering!

    • Alex

      You still got it

      • Al ex

        Vader you rock

  • Ace

    It was great seeing that Vader still got it.

  • ranewber

    Please tell me she hasn’t also been having “relations” with super Cena

  • Matt

    I don't care what people say, if Vader were brought in even semi regularly, I'd be so happy

  • Dufus

    I chose the wrong time to miss WWE. One of my favorites was on. I hope Vader won the match.

    • Dangerous Lee

      It was crazy man! Vader got buried in 5 seconds! Then Heath Slater unmasked Vader!

      • Kevin

        Dude, that is so wrong! Funny as hell, but so wrong!

  • Austin

    Good to see Vader. Eve is a poor actress and never relized she was gone.

  • Lenny

    Was it just me or Vader was more over than “dont call him Lord” Albert I mean Tensai ever was? That shows how much Albert sucks!

  • A2H

    Oh come on. He could barely move. Although he pulled out a suplex! But he had a hard time getting up on his feet again!

    • Patrick_Peralta

      when you get to be his age see how well you move… wrestling or not people are not as fast as they were when younger.

      • Rob UK

        Then it’s time to quit and let the guys you can still move try and make a name for themselves. I’m getting fed up of all these former stars coming back – yes I was a fan but we’ll never get new blood if we keep bringing guys back.

        Everyone moans about the same old stars but you are cheer for an old guys return…

  • JamieSNZ

    Eve wasnt there? Didnt even notice.

  • Bob UK is moronic

    Bob in UK you clown, Vader was a 1 time thing. He didn’t come back to take some clown like David Otunga or Alex Riley’s precious roster spot.