Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Injured, Excellent Rey Mysterio Update

Excellent Rey Mysterio News

To update an earlier item regarding the health of Rey Mysterio's mother, Rey says she is "making a full recovery." The following is from his verified Twitter account:

Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Injured

Dave Meltzer and company are reporting World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio broke a rib in his match against Sheamus on this week's Monday Night Raw. Del Rio is working through the injury.

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    Happy for Rey and his Mom. Also happy that we may finally see ADR lose the title to RVD or Christian at Summerslam.

    • thepowerserge

      I’m all for ADR losing the belt if he were healthy and the storyline made sense. In his current state, I don’t see how you can be happy that the guy is injured. Besides, the way his current storyline has been booked, his only viable threat comes from Ziggler (who is currently busy overcoming his “evil” ex and “heavy). RVD and Christian, great as they are, would be better suited facing off one on one at Summerslam, in my opinion. Then, the winner of that showdown could challenge ADR for the WHC.

  • Xavier

    That’s very good news indeed for Rey. If that was the reason for his recent struggles in and out of the ring then that is completely understandable. I wouldn’t be all that focused either if I knew my mom was home ill. Glad she’s making a great recovery. Now there is a good chance Rey will be back in great spirits and more focused. Easily the best pure wrestler of the past decade and a half.

  • Patrick

    if Alberto broke a rib, is it really a smart thing to continue working with the injury? couldn’t he end up hurt worse if the rib hits a vital organ in his body? I’m just asking never had a broken rib.