Early word is that MRI on Cass is showing positive, meaning tear or partial tear. Full MRI to the extent of injury, surgery options and recovery is not finished as of writing and we will have no time table for a few hours.

We will update this story as it develops...

Zack Reacts:  This is really awful news and terrible timing for Big Cass who was being built up for a singles run.  It especially sucks because his match against Enzo felt like just another way for Enzo to be punished backstage, by getting destroyed by Cass.  As of this writing we can't confirm how bad the tear is.  A small tear is obviously better than a full tear, so I'm hoping the best for Cass. As someone who has gone through a full ACL and meniscus tear and replacement, I really feel for the guy.  Hopefully he can come back just as strong as ever and when he returns hopefully his push is waiting for him.  

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    Who will they send now to get rid of Enzo? Big Show?

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  • He continued to try to work after his knee was injured. When he picked up Enzo, he likely turned a small tear into a big one. I know the culture is to “gut it out” but he should have just stopped after he knew he was injured. Stopping is the difference between being out for a few weeks or being out MUCH longer.