Exclusive CM Punk Injury Update

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WWE Champion CM Punk had a checkup earlier this week to see how his knee is feeling after undergoing arthroscopic surgery last week. We're told he's recovering as expected and is scheduled for an MRI net week to make sure all is fine on the inside. One observer commented about this all worked out very conveniently for WWE.

  • _JIM_

    It didn’t sound like that big of a deal when it first happened. It wasn’t like he had tore ligaments or something that required reconstructive surgery. He just had a scope done from what I got out of reading these updates. So that’s nothing major and he shpuld be back, and hopefully, pain free sooner than people think.

    • _JIM_

      I wanted to add that it all did work out rather conveniently for WWE also. In fact I think it worked to their advantage. It got them out of having to deal with writing the Ryback vs Punk outcome for TLC, and it enables Punk to move right onto his program with The Rock still holding the championship and with his title reighn still intact.