Exclusive Details On A WWE Star Working In The Main Event Whose Stock Is Plummeting & Could Be Phased Out In The Next Few Months

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We're told Jack Swagger's stock has been plummeting "big time" lately. As if things couldn't get any worse after his arrest in February, he's accumulated a lot of backstage heat for being unsafe in the ring. There's been some talk about phasing out his push over the next few months, however, the company remains high up on Zeb Colter.

Colter has received very high marks for his work and is held in high regard as an important mouthpiece that can help up and coming workers get over. We're told rather than simply replace Swagger with someone else, there's been talk about having Colter manage multiple workers where he would operate as the mouthpiece.

Nothing remains certain as Swagger has evaded burial so far, able to continue to get a main event spot after getting arrested just days after wining the WWE Elimination Chamber. Many believe if there were plans for him to go over Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29, they were dropped when he was arrested.

  • Thanks for the news Richard. I hope WWE creates a stable around Zeb Cotler. One guy in particular that could easily shoot up the card with Zeb by his side is Cody Rhodes. I already think he’s talented enough to be World Champion, but I’m not sure management see’s that quite yet. Being aligned with Zeb would be tremendous for Cody. Other guys I’d like to see in this stable are Christian, Cesaro, and Barrett. But there’s one big problem with that: They’re not American. I wonder if WWE can convert those three guys to think similar to how Zeb’s thinks.

    • Xavier

      I don’t think a stable with Christian, Cesaro or Barrett would work. They don’t come off as the ultra conservative paranoid we the people type. And like you said, they are foreign. The only guys who fit that mold are Swagger (Oklahoma/ Super Conservative State), Lesnar (South Dakota/ Super Conservative State) & JBL (Texas/Super Conservative State) all three of those guys would be believable in that role. There just aren’t enough guys on the roster that you could form a stable with were it would be believable.

    • Nostaljack

      Why is everyone so hot on Christian? I will *never* understand why his name keeps coming up. He absolutely *is* good – don’t get me wrong – but he isn’t deserving of all this attention – including people asking about him constantly on “Ask WNW”. Clearly WWE thinks so too as they haven’t had anything for him lately.

      • Xavier

        Why is everyone hot on Christian you ask. well let’s see. He’s an extremely talented worker in the ring, tells a great story inside the ring and is very consistent. He’s very good as a babyface or a heel, was also great as a tag wrestler as we all know with his days with Edge. He’s also extremely good on the mic. He’s good to great at everything that requires you to be a successful professional wrestler. The only thing Christian is guilty of is not having that “classic look” that Vince normally goes for. Other then that the guy is a stud

    • Lewis

      Barrett, Christian and Cesaro don’t need a mouth piece they’re great on the mic already. People I could see being helped by Coulter could be Alex Riley, Joe Hennig, Ted DiBiase or maybe even Ezekiel Jackson. Obviously they’d need to change their gimmicks, but none of them have been seen on tv for ages, so would be easy to do that with them.

      • Xavier

        Ezekial Jackson with Zeb? Don’t think that quite works for obvious reasons lol. But as far as the other three guys you mentioned I agree.

        • Lewis

          My bad thought he was American haha

          • Xavier

            LOL it’s all good. He’s from Guyana actually. But the fact that he’s black is also why him being in a Zeb lead stable wouldn’t work. Zeb’s gimmick tends to tread on “I don’t like anybody that’s not a white christian male” territory. I’ve encountered more then a few people like that in real life myself being a black man who’s lived in Texas (Bush Country) for more then a decade and who’s worked on a oil rig in North Dakota for almost 3 years now lol.

          • Lewis

            true, I was thinking if they teamed him with Zeb, he’d try and avoid any kind of racism and be more on getting the immigrants out sort of thing, but he’s not American so never mind haha

  • Xavier

    No surprise here. Swagger should of never been given a main event push too begin with. He’s average to below average at everything he does and the fact that he has attitude issues in the lockerroom coupled with the fact that he can’t stay out of trouble outside the ring it’s a surprise he hasn’t been cut yet. He also garners very little reaction from fans and that’s with Zeb Colter as his manager.

  • Jorge

    Wwe should give Del Rio back the World Heavyweight Title and make him feud with Christian. Swagger is not a safety wrestler to work with and they need to keep the WHC in active… Ziggler can win it back when totally cleared to compete.

    • I disagree. Having Ziggler lose the title over something that clearly wasn’t his fault is bullshit. Besides, by that logic shouldn’t Cena drop the WWE title since they keep harping about his so called “Achilles tendon injury?”

  • clint

    Ryback or mark henry would be a great choice to replace jack swagger. Especially ryback being that he is not a good talker

  • WNW Fan

    How about a repackage of Zac Ryder as a heel and Zeb as the manager?

    • You just might be onto something. That’s something I could get behind. Besides, he sorely needs to be repackaged now that Jersey Shore has come and gone.

  • The stable thing sounds like a good idea. Have Colter manage a few other guys whose mic skills are lacking (The Usos and Ryback come to mind) whilst quietly, or not so quietly phasing Mr. Thwagger out. He’s had his shots and f’d them up time and again. Add to that the unsafe comments and you have a guy who should be sent packing instead of to the midcard. Doing the latter feels like too much of a reward for someone who could potentially seriously injure those he works with. Hell, Kennedy was let go for less than Swagger’s done, yet Swagger remains in the main event pic? Huh? As far as I’m concerned, if Trips really is coming into a higher position behind the scenes, the best (and most honorable) thing he can do is to have 2 words for Classic Swags…YOU’RE FIRED!