Exclusive Details On Another Expiring TNA Contract

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Add Chris Sabin's name to the list of TNA contracts expired or about to expire. Sabin, who is currently out with a torn ACL, had intended to leave once his deal came up although Dixie Carter noted he was "determined to come back ASAP."

Velvet Sky, who was dating Sabin at one time (it's unknown if they are still an item), is gone from TNA after her contract came up and she decided not to re-sign after the two parties couldn't agree to terms.

The other two expiring contracts TNA is trying to workout are those of Bully Ray and Devon. One observer noted how it was a blunder on TNA's behalf for all these deals to be coming up around the same time, especially now that they are trying to negotiate contracts at lower rates.

  • SDD619

    I want to see The Dudley Boyz in WWE again.

    • geezer

      Give the people what they want. I'd love to see some of the current divas go through tables…

      • MonsterMike42

        But first, the person who came with Natalya's farting gimmick.

  • Stephen

    Richard, Does Bull Ray want to return to WWE for one last run?

    • kbunyon

      I think I can answer this one. Bully Ray is not well liked in the WWE. He's burned some bridges there, and Richard has said in the past that he doesn't see Ray returning to the WWE because of the issues. I'm thinking there's issues between Ray and Triple H, but I could be remembering wrong. I know that there's issues with more than one person in the WWE.

      Devon, on the other hand, hasn't burned his bridges in the WWE, but I'm not sure they'd be interested in using him as on-air talent as he has always been part of a tag team (until recently) and he's not the youngest wrestler.

      Hopefully that answers your question.

      • Patrick Peralta

        That may all be true but remember this is wrestling and you "never say never" when it comes to wrestling.. WWE has brought back past talent they have had issues with before and would do so again if it was good for bussiness.

        • Richard Gray

          Ken is right but the biggest issue Bully Ray has is with Triple H (who runs Talent Relations). It's a bad person to have rubbed the wrong way.

          • Alex Barie

            I like Ray way better in TNA Than WWE. Ray was all about tag team in WWE. TNA gave Ray a huge character and is considered the #1 or #2 heel in the company.

          • Andrew

            He has started a petition on twitter to get him back to the WWE

  • rippac4

    Yes any word on, if the Dudleyz would return to the WWE for a final run?

  • PainOfDemise

    It would be nice to see them back in the WWE, especially now that RAW is 3 hours long. They now have more time to get the tag team divison some much needed love (along with the divas).

  • Jitters84

    The Dudley’s are better as a package deal then in singles.. One of the greatest tag teams I have ever seen live in the ECW arena..

    It seems as late Evreyone “rubbed HHH The wrong way”… Thier should be that line.. Professional and personal…. Will they bring in viewers back, and butts in seats? Absolutely IMO

  • gibbons08

    I thought I read here once that Ray and Devon wanted to make one last run in WWE as a tag team? That TNA has tried putting the 2 back together but they want redebut in WWE as team.