Exclusive Details On Why WWE Fired The Son Of A Company Legend, What Type Of Talent Triple H Is Looking To Sign

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Why WWE Fired the Son of a Legend

We're told Jesse White, the son of Leon "Vader" White who had been working as Jake Carter, was released from WWE developmental for a couple of reasons. A lot of the developmental workers are expected to come up with their own character ideas and pitch them to creative. The writers didn't like any of his ideas and that put him on the bubble. However, what ultimately sealed his fate was a dark match he worked against Tensai at the September 12, 2013 WWE NXT tapings (report). We're told the office thought the match was awful. Between White not having any creative ideas for himself that the writers liked and the bad match with Tensai, the decision was made to cut him loose. White was actually released just days after the match.

What Type of Talent Triple H is Looking to Sign

WWE has put out an internal edict to sign at least 30 more guys over the course of the next two months. We're told the company is setting up tryouts in November and December in hopes of reaching their target. They want to get the WWE Performance Center closer to capacity and Triple H has put the word out to focus particularly on finding bigger guys in the upcoming camps. With WWE Network's launch still not settled and the cruiserweight show in limbo, he feels they have enough smaller guys for now and it's time to find some bigger guys.

  • Xavier

    I didn’t realize younger talent were allowed that type of freedom to come up with their own characters and pitch them, I actually think that’s a good thing, for starters guys can play a character that is an extension of themselves (which I’m sure they’d be more comfortable portraying) giving them a better possibly to make it. That’s the way things were back in the 70s and 80s, wrestlers were allowed to pitch ideas for their character to creative.

    I will also continue to give Triple H props for this WWE Performance Center, for as much crap as fans wanna give this guy he’s done a lot of extremely good things for this company behind the scenes so far. H seems very dedicated to building a great foundation for the future of this business.

  • Chris

    I always thought that Vader’s boy could have been a star, but it looks like he was lacking in creativity. Maybe he’ll get with pops and head to Japan for a bit to get seasoning and get a second shot down the road.