Exclusive Doug Williams Interview For WrestlingNewsWorld.com - Seeking Questions!

I am proud to announce that I was able to set-up an interview with former TNA Wrestling star Doug Williams. Since Doug lives in the United Kingdom, we are unable to have a live interview session with him like we did in the past with Magnus, and Christopher Daniels. However, the great Kendra Bunyon will be calling Doug this Tuesday! She will interview Doug Tuesday July 9th, 2013.

Send questions to us via the comments section below on what you want Kendra to ask Doug in the interview. You are certainly not limited to his time in TNA. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I hope we can answer them.

  • dunlap84

    Like myself Doug, do you too feel that the writing here at WNW is top notch and that Richard is the greatest wrestling journalist ever …. Wait hold up that’s not my question, that’s a plug for the site, how foolish of me to think my question would get answered. They never do. Silly me

    • Is Richard conducting this interview? Didn’t think so. Thanks for the plug, anyway.


      Now I know why this website tries to “protect” TNA. HAHA

      • Doug is no longer with TNA, and that’s why I went after the interview. That and I’m a huge fan of his.

    • James

      lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! Richard is a goober

    • James

      You made poor Alex get upset! Now apologize lol

    • Nostaljack

      This will be the first one I’ve heard Kendra do, right? She was a pretty good guest interviewer on the Magnus interview. Looking forward to it. Question: what does he think of the direction the product has taken now and would he change anything about it?

      • Thanks!

        I have to admit I’m nervous going it alone on this one, but I’m working on setting up more interviews from here, and I have a few interviews that need to be transcribed because the audio isn’t very good.

        Question has been added to the list!

        • Nostaljack

          I can help if you’d like. Lemme know…

          • Honestly, I have no bloody clue about anything tech. I’m going to be recording our phone call. From there I’m sending it to Alex to work out the kinks.

        • Nostaljack

          What’s your audio setup, btw. I’m an audio engineer so maybe I can help you get the most out of what you’re working with.

  • Robert Olley

    Simple will you please come to wwe doug? Daniel bryan vs doug williams is 2nd on my most wanted list to daniel bryan vs kurt angle.

  • BGM

    I just would like to know what are your plans now that you’re not working with TNA anymore? Any chance you might make an appearance for ROH?

  • dunlap84

    Ok then lets see if this one gets answered, Doug seeing that you’ve wrestled all over the world with various companies, against many different opponents, who is the one guy you’ve yet to wrestle that you’d most like to get in the ring with?

    • Ah, the ‘dream match’ question! Always one of my favorites, and not one to be missed!

  • Smart Mark

    What is your backstage relationship with former tag team partners Magnus and Rob Teery like?