Exclusive - Kurt Angle Undergoing Knee Surgery Friday, Finished With TNA?

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Kurt Angle contacted me on Thursday to inform me that he'll be undergoing surgery on Friday to repair his anterior cruciate ligament. The surgery is expected to keep him out of the ring 4 1/2 months. Angle issued the following statement to me for use on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

"I was limited in the ring and don't want to be anymore. I injured it 5 years ago. Held up until now. I love going 150%."

The timing is particularly interesting as Angle's current contract with TNA Wrestling is up in September. From what we understand, the company has already been working to re-sign him.

Angle is leaving his options open and has yet to commit to TNA past September 2014. It's been no secret he's tinkered with the idea of returning to WWE and Global Force Wrestling is expected to be interested in his services.

Kurt Angle has been a staple of the TNA main event scene since 2006. He's enjoyed his time there and gone on record, saying they treat him very well. He's dealt with issues outside of the ring lately, including a stint in a rehabilitation center for alcohol and undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in February.

Given Kurt's upcoming surgery and subsequent recovery timetable, his bout against Ethan Carter III that aired on this week's Impact Wrestling could be his final bout in TNA.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Hope he recovers well. Thanks for a great update

  • packerpf

    Angle should be anywhere but tna, seems he’s been played out there and that he just wouldn’t be a good fit anymore.

  • david

    I hope everything works out for him! He’s still one of the best in the industry and if he doesn’t have a ton of time left he deserves a final WWE run if he can handle it. If he has a few years left maybe GFW is a good option first.

    Does TNA not have the option to extend contracts due to injuries like WWE does? I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t because they obviously have no clue about running a business but that’s something they should do.

  • Vic Jose

    I think coming back to WWE would be great since they have limited contracts now and everything.

  • jdl

    He’ll stay in TNA. Every time his contract is up he says he’s considering going somewhere else, but he always remains with TNA in the end. He’s a broken down, battered drug addicted alcoholic, the odds of him passing the physical required to return to the WWE are not in his favor. He’ll stay in WWE where he’ll continue to feud with their cadre of barely talented up and comers in between random feuds with Samoa Joe.