Exclusive - Major Top Name Quietly Completes WWE-Sponsored Rehab Stint

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We are now able to confirm that Ric Flair is wrapping up a month long stint in a rehab facility, having been sent at WWE's direction and expense. Both sides have been trying to keep things extremely quiet, with Flair himself misdirecting close friends and family about his whereabouts. According to a source, only Flair's "absolute inner circle" are aware of where he's been.

Between the forced retirement of Jim Ross, Flair's WWE job offer being rescinded and Flair ending up in rehab, the fallout from the WWE 2K14 symposium from SummerSlam weekend is "really unbelievable" when you think about it.

Ultimately it was Triple H that was able to convince Flair to check into rehab. As we've previously reported, Hunter has a position in mind for Flair and Flair was led to believe that if he sought help and was able to prove himself, another WWE offer would be forthcoming at some point.

Flair still has a lot of financial issues, which is the reason why he is taking bookings (reportedly at $15,000 per appearance) and is hopeful that if there are no issues, he'll be brought back into the WWE family before long.

Sources close to Flair's team say there was concern that endorsement opportunities could take a hit if it went public that he was in rehab. This is why a story was concocted that he was living with his daughter Ashley in Florida and laying low while the heat died down after the infamous WWE 2K14 panel.

  • Ashley

    Wow, WWE really really were unhappy with that panel. Now while Flair going to rehab has been a loooong time coming and much needed, I think they have really overreacted to the symposium, as it sounds they were the only ones unhappy. Hopefully Flair takes it seriously and was also able to get help on dealing with his loss of Reid, which would be hard for anyone.

  • Patrick

    I agree WWE are the only ones unhappy with what happen their sponcers were not bothered by what Flair did from all reports they had a great time and didn’t feel embarrassed… I allways felt WWE made a bigger issue out of it then they should have.
    If the people they tried to impress were not bothered by it then why should WWE…it would have been different if they were. JR was treated unfairly over this incident.

  • I agree with both comments here. On one hand, I’m glad Ric got some help. On the other hand, WWE completely overreacted to the 2KSports panel and I think that’s unfortunate. Everyone there had a blast.

  • Santaisreal

    I think whoever does the next panel needs to make it a point to try and make it as boring as possible.

    • Like the gimmick they gave Lance Storm. As boring as possible. Absolutely agree.

  • John

    How pathetic is it that two of the biggest icons in professional wrestling history, Flair & Hogan, are both broke and are desperate for money!

    Just sad!