Exclusive Negotiating Period Between WWE & NBC Universal Ends

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The exclusive negotiating period between WWE and NBC Universal for the company's domestic television rights has ended. NBC Universal, WWE's current domestic TV partner, will have until February 14, 2014 to respond to WWE's final offer. After that, other networks will be able to submit offers.

The New York Post reported on Saturday the exclusive negotiating period ended without a deal and the pressure is on for a deal to get done in the next few days.

As we've reported several times, WWE is looking to significantly increase the amount of money they make on domestic TV licensing fees. The feeling within the company is they offer live sports programming that is in demand at a premium and they should have a lucrative deal like one of the major sports leagues.

I've been working on a story over the past week on who is interested and where Raw and Smackdown could end up. That article will run on Monday exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • I still think Disney should get involved. I think ESPN and ABC would be great channels for Raw and Smackdown. Not to mention they could help WWE with Things like the Pre and Post shows and stuff like that.

    • Dustyn

      I know some people won’t agree with your idea, but I think it could be interesting. Disney is a worldwide brand. Disney has worked with some WWE stars, most notably The Rock. Downtown Disney could be a potential location for a WWE HOF. It’ll be interesting to see if WWE TV stays where it is, or if they’ll move.

      • Jimmy

        I really don’t see this happening due to the fact that Nickelodeon is considered Disney’s rival channel and WWE works with Nickelodeon. They often have wrestlers show up to Nick Kids Choice Awards and have had guys like Punk and Miz nominated for Best Bad Guy.

        • David

          It will all be motivated by money though. I don’t see that as something preventing them from getting involved especially since there are multiple entertainers and sports stars that show up on shows like that without repercussions. A&E seems like a good partner too. Lifetime is perfect for Total Divas and they are relaunching The Biography Channel as something else too. They could really use a franchise like WWE to make them stand out. I would have put Fox out there as a good partner but with their UFC deal they probably won’t get too interested. There are too many factors to really guess right now though. Viacom is a really good option but Raw on Spike wouldn’t be the best choice for WWE as they arent in as many homes as other networks owned by Viacom.

          • Jimmy

            Well Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars and NXT are all aired on FOX in Australia so maybe that option is still open.

          • BIG M

            Actually WWE shows are on a channel called FOX8 on Australia’s only pay TV service Foxtel.

            Now while Foxtel is owned by the Fox corporation all channels on the service air programming that are aired on at least 5 separate networks in the US maybe even more.
            Ill give you an example on FOXTEL there is a channel called SHOWCASE witch airs programs from HBO such as True Blood, SHOWTIME such as Nurse Jackie, FX such as Sons of Anarchy and STARZ such as Spartacus.

            So it doesn’t really matter where WWE airs in the US FOX co will always pay whoever airs it in the US to air it on FOXTEL on the FOX8 channel.

          • Jimmy

            Oh ok, thank god i live in Australia and can just watch all of them on the same channel lol.

        • WWE also works with Disney. Several wrestles on various shows and some Made for TV movies like Miz in Christmas Bounty.

  • BIG M

    Disney would only put WWE shows on one of there networks if they could own a piece of it.
    Disney have been buying stuff like crazy over the last 20 years.
    Hell the last 5 years alone they bought Marvel movies and Publications for a steal and spent a huge amount for Lucasfilm solely to produce more Star Wars films that will probably be terrible.
    All the TV networks they have bought or own a stake in is purely so they could develop and own even more mainstream programming.
    And considering the insane amount of revenue of 42.782 billion dollars in 2012 alone a number they probably doubled in 2013 they could easily buy Vince out.
    Vince would never sell of course but its scary how big Disney is too big really Monstrous.
    No I so don’t feel comfortable with WWE being on a Disney owned network as too many people on here have suggested.