Extensive Details On WWE's New Multi-Year Agreement With Hulu & How It Relates Directly To The WWE Network - Backstage News On A New Proposed Plan That Could See The WWE Network Launching Internationally Before Becoming Available In The United States, Possible Timetable, More

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We have learned more details on WWE's new multi-year agreement with Hulu. Basically, WWE had been "dragging their feet" and Hulu was about to walk away from the negotiating table if WWE didn't commit to something. Ultimately, the two sides agreed to a scaled down arrangement for a much lower licensing fee that would still allow WWE to pursue the WWE Network.

As previously reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, WWE was trying to play YouTube and Hulu against each other as well as "play chicken" with the cable and satellite providers. One observer says they could have gotten burned bad but didn't. Hulu wasn't happy with the games and took a "now or never" position, which forced WWE's hand.

With that being stated, there is nothing new on clearances for the WWE Network as the company continues to struggle on that front. Vince McMahon has thought about trying to launch the network in Europe first as they've had more luck with television providers across the pond. If they go that route, there has been talk of launching an ad campaign to urge viewers in the United States to put pressure on their providers to launch the WWE Network domestically.

In terms of a timetable, this plan would hopefully see the WWE Network launch in some form in Europe by Wrestlemania XXIX with hopes of launching in the United States by the end of 2013. They could still launch the network this year if they were willing to launch in a very select portion of the United States, which obviously would not be a good idea.

  • Matt Scott

    And here we go again. "WWE will launch by WrestleMania". I'm calling bollocks until I see it.

  • gpturbo81

    if they put this much energy into creative(raw) as they did this garbage, maybe people would actually give a shit enough to watch a full 3 hour show

  • Patrick Peralta

    WWE playing games and stalling trying to pit Hulu and youtube against each other is stupid and I'm glad Hulu didn't play those games and forced Vince's hand with a statement of " make a deal or get lost " so to speak..

    Vince has that bad habbit of stalling and trying to play games to get a better deal and not everyone is going to play that way.

  • Philip Thompson

    A network in Europe would be pretty good. We actually used to have 'The Wrestling Channel' which was pretty awful and mainly repeats of things like World of Sport. I think that the channel would need to be carried by Sky and bundled with Sky Sports and sold to Virgin Media as part of their deal in the UK.