Eyewitness - Roman Reigns Left Payback In Pain, Declined Fan Photo

I spoke to someone that met Roman Reigns and one of the Usos outside of the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois after WWE Payback on Sunday night. They told me that Reigns appeared to be in pain and walked out slowly. A fan asked him for a picture and he politely declined.

I haven't spoken with any of my sources backstage at the show but Reigns said on WWE Payback Fallout that he might have a torn triceps. The hope (at least from us) is that Reigns was over-accentuating the physicality of the No Holds Barred Elimination Match and does not have a serious injury.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Marvin Rodas for his help.

  • Patrick

    I hope Reign’s is not seriously injuryed.

  • Justin Simpson

    If he is injured, I hope it won’t effect his main event push. If he is out of action for a while, he could use the time to improve his microphone skills.

  • Dj Marvelouz

    as he was walking outside the parking lot, I remember thinking like “ok, shows over, you don’t have to keep acting like your hurt” but that was before i heard that he got injured in the match. Now it all makes sense. and it was just me and 3 other fans that were there in the parking lot, so i doubt he was putting on a show just for the 4 of us