Ezekiel Jackson Discusses The Downturn His Career Has Taken & Hypes A New & Improved Version Of Himself

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Ezekiel Jackson posted the following video on his YouTube channel, discussing the downturn his career has taken since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Cody Rhodes 8 months ago, and informing fans that they are going to see a new and improved Ezekiel Jackson:

  • Bennyboy

    Hope he does get a pushas he a monster

  • Dangerous Lee

    Isn't he that guy from the movie White Chicks?

    • WOW!

      No, you have him mixed up with the other black guy. Same thing happens with me when I see Brock and Cena!

  • Christ 4 Life

    Get ready for the personification of domination!

  • Darren

    Nothing more than a reject Ahmed Johnson. Beast don't smile he SUCKS. I bet he's on the chopping block. TNA bound where they'll really destroy his career.