Ezekiel Jackson Returns Home To Guyana

Ezekiel Jackson is back in Guyana, where he was born, for the first time since achieving fame in WWE. You can read more about Jackson's visit home at this link.

  • Myself

    Was he released ?

    • chelu671

      No, apparrently he suffered a minor torso injury and has been out nursing it.

  • Joey

    So weird to think that close to a year ago he was Intercontinental Champion.

    • Ken

      I'd actually forgotten that.

  • Blake

    They have made a joke out of big zeke

  • Owolola adebola

    Ezekiek is a power pack wrestler. Unfortunately his power has no control which often times accounted for his losing crucial bouts.

  • Randy

    Ezekiel had guyana on the lock down at guyexpo 2012 he’s the best