Fan Hits The Ring During Ryback vs. The Miz Live On WWE Raw

A fan jumped the crowd control barrier at this week's WWE Raw and got in the ring during the go-home sequence of Ryback vs. The Miz. The fan was immediately tackled by security and assisted out of the ring and while cameras cut away, the fan was briefly shown on television. Below is a photo snapped from the original broadcast:

The fan didn't act alone as another fan jumped the crowd control barrier with the one shown in the photo above. This fan was taken down by none other than WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Neither Michael Cole nor Jim Ross made reference to the fan interference and Ryback went home as planned, going over Miz in the match.

  • The Breaker

    The sad thing is, that was the most interesting thing to happen during the match.

    • Ken

      I remember the good old days when we used to have four fan run-ins a week, and five on PPVs.
      Back in my day…
      …actually no, it wasn't that often, but it did used to happen a lot more, and was always interesting

      • Wainwright

        I remember a fan jumping in a cage with Hollywood Hulk Hogan when he had someone handcuffed, and Hogan proceeded to beat the living Hell out of him. Granted, that could have been a plant, but I remember thinking it was real. I feel like it happened Way more frequent on WCW. Anyone else remember that?

  • Wilo

    guess i wasnt wrong then

  • Leinad Colon

    I wonder why are fans that stupid.

  • Logan_Walker

    I hate Justin Roberts. Moron thinks he’s a wrestler that can tackle anyone.

    • Esteban

      What else what he to do?

    • Philip Thompson

      What possible reason do you have to have anything against Justin Roberts? Unless, of course, you are Tony Chimmel and you got demoted because Justin Roberts is a better ring announcer?

  • chris

    Two weeks in a row that there has been a fan incident involving Ryback/Miz storyline

  • Robert olley


  • Joey

    Fan steals mic during Ryback match last wee! Jumps the rail this week !Can't wait to see what Ryback match shenanigans transpire next week!

  • Nwo4 life

    They should let wrestlers kick the shit out fans that jump in ring…teach them a lession…we the outsider can and do what ever we want….nwo4life

    • Moose666

      I remember watching WCW Nitro when a fan struck Scott Steiner during his entrance where he tried to intimidate fans face to face. Steiner whipped the fool out of him and the last camera shot showed the fan with a VERY bloody face. Then, Steiner climbed in the ring and competed as if nothing happened. Another time on Nitro, Hogan and Savage stopped wrestling to "help" a fan exit the ring. After security took control of him, they finished the match. Good times…

    • Sovikos

      They do! I’ve seen it a few times where fans were stomped on as they came into the ring.

    • Kevin

      I was watching when this guy hit the ring, and my first thought was, "What MORON jumps into the ring in the middle of a RYBACK match?!" I'd be afraid Ryback would tackle me, then pick me up, march me around the ring, and drop me on my ass!

  • Spike westphal

    Is this a real fan tresspass or a work by wwe

    • Richard Gray

      100% shoot

      • Ranfery25

        Umm what does that mean Again Richard?

        • Richard Gray


          • Ranfery25

            Ahh okay good Thank You! Lol

  • Joey

    Remember when Eddie socked a guy who ran in during a ladder match back on RAW in 2002?

    • Alex

      I remember that. Cause the fan kicked a ladder that Eddie was on right?

      • Joey

        Yeah! It was him and RVD. Godd match btw

  • antcroff

    I thought I was just seeing things lol

  • Kleck

    Took Ryback’s Feed Me More a little too seriously

  • nWo 4 Life

    Maybe one of Goldbergs henchmen?

    • Gregory Rockefeller


    • Wainwright


  • Billfred

    You chant someone "FEED ME MORE" and you don't figure on the next snack just barging in…

  • Jake

    That doesn’t look like Justin Roberts to me…

  • Dave Barton

    I wanna know the reason why they felt the need to pants this poor guy…I think he & I are wearing the same boxer shorts!

  • baconnnnnn

    these guys that went in the ring are 2 of my close friends they def werent anything to do with wwe .. they just wanted to do it

    • wander_the_wastes


    • Ken

      If indeed this comment is genuine, which I doubt it is, but on the slim, slight, miniscule chance that it is, tell your two close friends that they're a pair of utter tossers.

      • baconnnnnn

        im being dead serious look up their names jason biron and nate biron or on facebook jaxx newt ..they have statuses up about doing it

        • Tell your friends to go to the gym. They’re fat.

  • KVB

    Way to go buddy!!! So funny to see this happen. Be a lot funnier if Ryback beat the crap out of the fan hahahhaha

  • Tneee

    Hahaha, yessss Bacon! Newt all day!

  • Evon Reese

    Punk invited a fan to come into the ring and take the mike. Maybe they took him seriously.

  • ken

    Look Mom, I'm on TV getting my STUPID A$$ KICKED!

  • Batch-pz101

    I am not 100% sure. Maybe Richard can tell us if I am right. I think the talent is allowed or told to stop any fans from getting involved in a match that might put a talent in jeopardy of being harmed with any means possible. So in other words if they have to beat the crap out of someone then that is just fine. And also if you go on YouTube there are a lot of clips of fans getting involved in a match or entrance and getting there wigs split for there troubles.

  • Lady518

    those two are absolute douchebags, not only to beg for attention like that but also to act like misbehaving toddlers… there is definitely no common sense in their heads and i bet their parents and grandparents are so proud that they, what? jumped in the ring, rolled around and got kicked out? yeah, so impressive!

    • baconnnnnn

      lady 518 you obviously dont know these too the one in the picture above was also a streaker at a school senior night baseball game … their personality is just to be funny its harmless

  • Is that Mass Transit?

  • neweramaze

    Look if a fan jumps the barricade and the cameras stay on it an show what happens then its part of the show but if a fan jumps the ring and the camera cuts away and the announcers make no reference of it then its not part of the show. Ive been in this business for 14 years so I know what I am talking about.

  • Tom

    Feet me more has come ! He can easily beat int – champion,
    And next is wwe champion !

  • Jake

    Ryback might be replacing cena @ hell in a cell if cena cant participate!

  • kingjus

    They have staged "fans" aka employees that do this sort of thing from time to time. Then they are surprised an actual fan does it…the logic…it hurts