Fan Incident Involving Batista At WWE Live Event In Winnipeg

There was an incident at Friday night's WWE live event in Winnipeg involving Batista and a local radio host. The host was Cam Carson of Power 97 out of Winnipeg.

According to a fan that was with Carson, he was ejected from the show and was actually punched by the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The following is from Twitter:

One of my Twitter followers was in attendance and sent the following:

A Tweet made prior to the show indicates they were going to do their best to heckle Batista:

  • BIG M

    Obviously 1 of 2 things have happened here.
    1. This radio guy took things too far in the we hate Batista in Mania 30 main event campaign.
    Or Batista acted unprofessionaly due to frustration with another hostile crowd.
    But this could also be blown way out of proportion.
    Me personally I wouldn’t pay much attention to it second hand accounts of these incidents are never 100% accurate people tend to exaggerate.

    • Mathew Lisett

      the guy was getting drunk before going with the intention of pissing dave off and hoping for some retaliation. hence dave “hit” him, i say that since theres no footage yet.

  • Xavier

    Did this really happen?

    • Scott Davies

      Would not surprise me if this was a work.

    • Winnipeg

      Yep, I saw it

  • Common Sense

    This is different from CM Punk punching a fan. Batista was in no danger whatsoever as the guy was the other side of the barrier and there was plenty of security around. CM Punk was in a position to feel threatened with people behind him on a steep flight of steps who were shoving him and a complete lack of security. Batista should be fired and/or go to jail.

    • Michael

      It doesn’t matter if you’re in danger people can’t just put their hand on somebody witout getting hit back the fan shouldn’t have touched Batista.

    • proud

      I’m surprised with the X-Pac heat that Dave is getting that the whole audience wouldn’t wanna take a swing at him each!

      Booker T kicked his arse backstage once so I’m kinda disappointed that this wasnt another one of those incidents where Batista gets humbled

    • Larry C

      There is no difference. Both Punk & Batista are major douchebags

    • Jerihoar

      Ahhh typical, make an excuse for a overrated diva but when its someone like batista attack and say hes horrible.

  • Big D

    This is a situation where the precedence was set a long time ago. You don’t physically attack the wrestlers. You do it, they’re going to fight back.

  • Patrick Steele

    He worked for a sponsor of the live event. He is a radio DJ. This was obviously a work.

  • Dave

    Another douchebag radio personality? that’s a surprise. hope batista flattened him

  • Guest

    If all this stuff is true then there is no way in hell Batista should walk out of Mania with the title. NO excuse too strike a fan. Yes the fan was being an idiot but as a performer you have to show better restraint then that.

    • Simon Veitch

      I completely agree, after all, remember how divided the IWC was about CM Punk striking that guy in the crowd. Basically the same situation, he was being heckled, couldn’t take it, shit went wrong and something happened. In the end I guess there’s something to be said about the crowd control security not doing their job though.

  • J Vomkrieg

    Wait…. people still listen to radio?