Fan Injured At This Week's Impact Wrestling Taping

There was a minor distraction in the crowd at this week's Impact Wrestling taping from Universal Studios. I'm told when James Storm came out for his match against Bobby Roode a female fan tripped and fell in front of the hard camera. She suffered a visible arm injury with my source speculating that it looked broken.

  • Matt

    Ouch, I hope she's okay.

  • whitethought_

    This is just what TNA needs right about now- a lawsuit.

  • Adam

    Video? Pics?

  • Dave Barton

    Why & on what did she trip? Not terribly informative. 🙁

    • Benjy Bronk

      Heels and darkness with flashing lasers

  • She was probably drunk.

  • Johnny Lane

    She should hire Chris Park for her attorney.

  • Kevin

    Am I correct when I say that a "hard camera" is one that is mounted, or at least one that stays put? Meaning that it wasn't the cameraman's fault, as he doesn't move the camera around, and therefore couldn't have bumped into her. Chances are good that (a) she had been drinking, (b) she tried to get closer to James Storm than she should have, and (c) she tripped and fell when she reached out too far to grab James Storm's ass as he went by her.

  • Ohhh sad ! Hope that she gets well soon and get back to play once more.