Fan Photos Of Jerry Lawler Incident During Raw; Memphis Media Picks Up Story

-Wrestling News World reader Dustyn sent in the following images from last night's Raw in which Jerry Lawler collapsed and had to be stretchered to the back:

-Wrestling News World reader Brandon Nelson sent word via Twitter that the incident is being covered by local media in Lawler's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Click here to view coverage from WREG.

  • Philip Thompson

    I'm not entirely convinced Michael Cole not commentating for the rest of the show was simply a sign of respect, I think he was far too upset/shocked/shaken to. I really hope Jerry Lawler makes a speedy recovery – just a shame that he'll never wrestle again, but the man is 62 and time has caught up with him. Sources are saying that his heart stopped for 20 minutes following his cardiac arrest. So lucky to be where he was at the time, reminds me of Fabrice Muamba. I wonder how they'll handle this with the CM Punk storyline – they'll need to address this somehow – it could either make Punk extremely hated or bring a halt to his heel turn.

  • Wayne hickey

    All pray jerry the king lawler makes a full recovery

  • David

    Get well soon.

  • Lenny

    I felt horrible for Michael Cole. We all know in character he’s the biggest jerk there is but last night he broke character on tv ad rightfully so to show his respect for King at a very real and difficult time.

  • Andy

    Whole new respect for michael cole now after last night, must have been horrible, get well king

  • Danno

    In my life I have SEEN 2 people die. Last night almost made it number 3 which I would never wish on anyone. I agree about the class shown by Michael Cole and CM Punk. I thought it was part of the show until near the end.