Fan Speaks On Being Attacked By CM Punk

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The fan that was attacked by CM Punk in the closing segment of this week's WWE Raw spoke out in the incident embedded in the video below:

  • sam

    Poor guy.. lol… paid $100 or something to probably see some awesome wrestling action… Only to be slapped in face… thats either money well spent… or the worst night ever for a fan! … what would you say?

  • Sythian

    Speaking as a guy who is often used as a plant in local shows here in Melbourne when it comes to action spilling outside the ring or a heel getting cheap heat assaulting a fan, I would say money well spent. But maybe he’s not as tough as he looks with those sunglasses on inside. Easier to hide behind the law and try to make some cash in a settlement because he’s pathetic and weak

    • ChrisH

      Or he’s a victim of assault and got punched TWICE.

      • Sythian

        Or if you follow all of the videos that have surfaced you’ll notice he’s not entirely innocent either. Not saying punks actions are justified, just that the fan isn’t exactly the most innocent person when you watch all the different angles

  • AntGilroy

    Poor guy?? The guy was an idiot pushing and hitting him… I wanna hit him

  • AntGilroy

    Watch this video he pushes his several times then raises his hands and drops them hard on his head…

    • Paul

      Watching the guy clearly shoves and drops his hands on to punks head, most wrestlers would have done worse.

  • Synyster

    Poor guy my ass he hit Punk first…

  • Demolition

    Watch it frame by frame. It is the guy in the white shirt giving the finger behind the guy in the black shirt (the accused) that pushes Punk in the back of the head. It’s a bad angle but watch and pause it every second

  • SRP

    It sounds like he’s upset that Punk hit him without actually knowing it was him.

  • I dont get why this was even posted. He doesnt deserve the 15 minutes of fame. And the video was about 20 seconds long. He barely “spoke out” about anything…

  • Bluetrooperair

    This guy is lucky someone didn’t punch him while he was pushing and shoving to get on camera and to do his retarded cameo with his sunglasses on. Wrong place wrong time to be a stupid ass.

  • christopher525

    I can understand him being a bit upset, being wrongly attacked and all, someone needs to find the other dude and kick the piss out of him.

  • Phatty Matty

    What is this guy talking about. Ron Artest attacked fans in Detroit not Indiana. Why would he attack his own Pacer fans? Haha

  • Luke

    He was probably drunk too

    • PaulB

      Several different people put their hands on Punk…The guy that Punk hit also put his hands on him, its perfectly clear…he got what he deserved, enough said