Fan That Was Attacked By CM Punk Files Police Report

The fan that CM Punk hit at WWE Raw this week filed a report with Sacramento police. He claims his glasses were broke during the assault by the WWE Champion. Below a Tweet from Laura Cole, a reporter from CBS 13, who interviewed the fan:


  • Mark3man

    If he’s a wrestling fan then he should of seen impact 3 weeks ago. bully Ray and Austin Aries gave a nice warning to fans putting there hands on wrestlers. The punk incident went a lot further than patting them as they pass. Bubba Ray would of done more than punk IMO.

  • jennifer gannon

    this a guy is crazy i just read a post n this guy was there n said that the guy keeped grabing the belt n punk told him to stop then he pushed punk so punk got mad n backslap the little [email protected]@ch all well just because the wrestlers r in with the fans does not mean u can do want ever u want to them he broke his glasses so what he can go 2 the dollar store or walmart n get another pair cm punk will prob. get fined its not like he cant afford it lol vince will take care of it because he needs punk to be top heel right know go punk

    • Evan

      If u look at the video, its clear that Punk hit the wrong guy. This wasn't the guy who pushed Punk in the back of the head.

    • Ashley

      did u watch the video at all? The guy never once grabbed the belt. Some kid grabbed at the belt and then shoved Punk. The guy that got hit, got pushed into Punk, Punk says something to the him, the fan goes to put his sunglasses on, hits Punk accidently in the head, and then Punk attacks him. Maybe people should watch the vidoe before posting….

      • vfrezz

        If u look closely it a guy in a white shirt that’s behind the guy with the glasses that pushed punk in the back of the head at the same time the guy puts on his glasses that’s why punk hit the guy with glasses

        • Kbob

          What are you guys watching?? I found a video on youtube from TTCUgames thats 1:00 long.. You CLEARLY see punk push the kid away, the kid pushes back, another fan pushes punk.. AND the guy behind him puts his hand up and hits cm punk in the back of the head then pretends he was just putting on his glasses..

          • Kbob

            Ok srry, jumped the gun lol.. I re watched it and i noticed the guy in white push the guy who got hit.

  • Fart Handler

    The guy that got hit wasn’t the one pestering Punk dumbass. He turned around and hit the first guy he saw and it wasn’t the right one. Now go to Walmart and buy yourself a $2 brain.

  • JBM

    Punk needs to be fired anyway, hes a sorry excuse for a human being in the first place, what a piece of crap

    • Joe

      Mark alert

    • Braxton

      If you hate him, that means he's doing his job well…

  • ceedot

    It must have been really sunny inside that arena.

  • kelvincmd

    In the fan video on youtube, there were multiple people messing with Punk, the guy Punk struck hit him in the head and Punk struck him. Not sure if the fan hit him by accident or he hit him and tried to play it off

  • Ian P.

    When I used to attend live WWE events, the announcer always used to say to the fans to be respectful of the Superstars and to basically not do anything stupid that would get you in trouble or they would and could stop the show. Do they do that anymore?

    It is true he hit the wrong guy, it was the guy in the white t-shirt behind said guy. It looks like a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • sethpac

    That was nothing. i was at an ecw show back in ’99. Bubba was berating the crowd like normal. One idiot went way over the line and actually threw a chair in the ring and hit Sign Guy in the back of the head. Buuba and Devon beat the crap out of that guy before security got there to arrest him. Never touch the wrestler, you will always be at fault.

  • Sythian

    Of course he filed a police report, because complaining to wwe about it and getting an apology and some free merch/tickets whatever doesn’t get you any main stream publicity for being a douche

  • ArmBar

    Great television folks. That sure is one way to bring back the attitude era again. Fully blame security for this one, punk was getting whacked and pushed around by twats in the crowd, they got what they deserved. Go Punk.

  • Chris

    Im glad he did… Stupid Americans..

    • Chili

      Watch your ignorance chris.

  • Satan

    Screw the fan, let’s go Attitude Era!!!

  • Punkfan

    I applaud punk….anyone who wears sunglasses indoors deserves punched in the face…Here's looking at you Rock

  • Moose666

    The lens popped out of the glasses? Ok, pop it back in.

    • Sythian

      Yeah exactly right, define “broken” lenses pop out for all sorts of reasons. But hey, this guy thinks it makes more sense to file a report than to seek an apology outside of the Court system then so be it. Hope he goes bankrupt in the process

  • Nick b

    Watch the fan video, this guy didn’t deserve to get hit, he didn’t put his hands on punk at all!

  • Kevin

    Years ago, I was at a live WCW event. The Outsiders came out from the back, and true to nature, stepped over the guardrail to go to the ring through the crowd. I was standing next to the guardrail when they did that. Scott Hall was first; I found myself looking into his shoulder. Next came Kevin Nash; I was seeing elbow. In both cases, I was looking straight ahead. I'm 5'11" tall. These guys are HUGE! I wouldn't even dream of pushing one of them. I did reach up and pat Kevin Nash on the back and yell out, "Go get 'em, guys!". They continued walking toward the ring as if I didn't even exist. That was the extent of my interaction with any wrestlers.

  • SEAN

    Oh people….