Fan Video Provides Clearer Perspective Of CM Punk's Incident From Raw

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A fan's video has surfaced on YouTube which shows the entirety of CM Punk's incident in the crowd last night during Raw. The video, including the attack from Punk about 40 seconds in, is embedded in the video below:

  • mjledesma

    Was that Abraham Washington in the crowd? Lol

  • Anand

    Looks like someone pushed him multiple times before he actually pushed back. Not sure if this is a legit incident or a shoot to gain more heat for punk..


    • Guy Landau

      It's not a work.
      And a shoot and a legit incident are the same thing.

      • Anand

        Hi Guy – Thank you. Yes, by shoot I meant a staged incident to make punk's character look even more heel.

        Just hope this one-off does not hurt Punk's current WWE title run. I really feel he is at his best as a heel and can add a lot of value to WWE in his current character.

  • Ralphus

    Sad thing is he won't be reprimanded! It was probably a plant!

  • Brandon Ceielo

    He got the wrong guy, but those punks deserve it for being so disrespectful. The security were just bad there, too. Just because you see someone pushing someone, doesn't mean you should do the same.

    • SRP

      He didn’t get the wrong guy. Granted the guy he hit was not the same guy who was pushing him in the beginning, but he did smack Punk in the head.

  • Ben

    If this was out in a bar and the same guy kept shoving me I’d have don’t the same, but I think Punk forgets where he is, at work. And the fans are blatantly gonna be wild standing inches from someone they came to see, get a grip punk, big overreaction

    • When you are at work, are you getting pushed from behind multiple times on a stairway? Where you could possibly be pushed hard enough to fall down, not only looking like a fool but also hurting yourself? I don't care if they are "fans," if you start pushing someone to the point where they are close to falling down that stairs, don't be surprised to get hit back.

      • Adamtrace

        Whether it should or shouldn’t be so, it is. So punk should either be willing to cop it , or act as he did and possibly reap consequences…. I dunno but I reckon for 6 figures you could push me repeatedly and I’d keep my chin up

  • ligerarion

    I was there tonight and, while I was not as close as this video to the incident, it was apparent how rude all of the fans in that section were to Punk. Sure, Punk may have overreacted but he was surrounded by a bunch of crazed fans that were pushing him around. From the looks of this video, Punk nailed the guy that shoved him and then hit him on the back of the head. Hardly an innocent bystander.

  • H.M.

    Exposed. The dude shoving Punk who then proceeds to hide when Punk nails the innocent dude needs a bit of tuning up.

  • dickery

    looks like a few people were pushing and shoving to get close to punk, as he kept turning round
    then someone pushes the guy with the glasses from behind as he has his arms up, lunging forward and landig his arms on punk
    punk then turns and lashes out, followed by security coming up to step behind him

    doesnt look like a work to me

    oops, punk gonna be in trouble now

  • Joey

    Where the hell was security?? Aren't they supposed to make things like this NOT happen???

  • James

    Not really punks fault should have had security. Not glasses guys fault he was shoved…. Lawsuit yes

    • Simon Veitch

      It's America, of course there'll be a law suit. If the guy is understanding enough about the situation and not a totally arrogant prick then I'm sure WWE will smooth things over with him with Merch, Autographs, tickets or whatever. If he tries taking it to court WWE will just tie it up or pay it out and end it quickly, this whole situation is being totally blown out of proportion

  • Lee Wilson

    That fella deserved that you can’t be pushing anyone round the head like that. If you don’t want one back don’t do it

    • josh

      well punk got the wrong guy. it was the kid that kept pushing him the guy that punk hit was just unlucky

      but i agree that if it was elsewhere it would be ok but at work it isnt

  • Steven

    I am surprised that no one else has mentioned anything about Linda McMahon in any of this. Even if this turns out to be a very well done work, this is going to be a lot of really bad press for her campaign. If this was legit, I think CM Punk’s time with WWE may be coming to an end. It doesn’t matter if the fan was to blame for starting the incident but how the performer overreacted.

  • sam

    The little boy was pushing punk and then the guy with glasses did one thing "BY MISTAKE" … so Punk hit the wrong guy clearly.. but then again he couldn't touch the kid anyway … due to law.. 🙂

  • Andrew

    That fan deserved to get hit. He pushed Punk from behind and he then hit Punk in the back of the head. CM Punk clearly is the fucking man right now. WWE easily wins this “court case”

  • Hbkforever

    Yeah I was ringside for the show, u can see in another you tube….the 1 minute video that punk warns the guy once then that same guy accidentally hit punk I the back of the head.

  • Deccs

    I'll probably face abit of backlash here but, I thoroughly condone what Punk did. Going through the crowd is always a risk, there are a lot of nutjobs that take this sport seriously. People who try and get in the ring are a prime example, like during the infamous Eddie/RVD ladder match, and more recently the Ryback/Miz match. If you couple that with the amount of heel heat Punk has, and the fact that he had to stand there in the crowd for a couple of minutes as opposed to running straight through, you've got to be prepared to look after yourself in the environment. I don't care what anyone says, if that was you and you were in the middle of a raucous crowd of over excited fans angry at you and you get pushed multiple times from behind, you'd probably do the same thing.

    • Lee Wilson

      I completely agree mate

  • Bogusstang

    No one touched him again after that beat down thats for sure.


    I've watched this multiple times. First the guy on the right of the screen in the red shirt touched the belt. Punk threw his hand away. Second was the dumb little kid who was in the black shirt on the left side of the screen. He pushed Punk hard the first time, then shoved him again seconds later. I couldn't see much behind that kid but I did see the fan who got hit come up behind Punk. Not sure if he pushed or touched Punk at first but you could see after the guy put his sun glasses on that his hand did touched the top of Punks head. I won't say he touched Punk's head on purpose but it almost doesn't look accidental either. Plain and simple Punk just finally had enough and blew a gasket. Maybe Punk shouldn't have hit anyone but the guys human. He had unbelievable patience until he felt like someone hit him in the head. Going back to that little kid in the black shirt…he pushed Punk hard enough that he could have easily caused Punk to tumbled down the stairs. That could've resulted in a massive human pile up and not only injuries but possibly even death. Fans like these are going to ruin it for the rest of us. WWE may decide no more going in the crowd. You can tell there were some very, very, immature people around Punk. I'm sure just in the heat of the moment acting out for the TV camera's but if I would have been that close to Punk I would have kept my hands to myself and just enjoyed the show. Sad really that people can't conduct themselves with dignity. A little bit of fan interaction is ok but several of the fans in the video went way beyond too far.

  • Ray

    LoL. Anyone see the part where that little kid wearing the Brock Lesnar shirt shoved punk hard? Hate to jump in a most pit with Punk. He barely got touched.

  • Nick


  • Anon

    Am I the only one seeing the guy he punched touching Punk with his forearm when he put his glasses on? (and btw why would he put them on?) Of course, it was wrong by Punk to react in that way, but the guy touched him and there's no way Punk knew with his back turned if it was by accident (putting glasses on) or on purpose…

  • Kevin

    This video is much clearer. It appears the big guy in the black tshirt got bumped from behind twice, bumping into Punk as a result on each occassion. After the second time, Punk turned on him and punched him. This was after Punk had already shooed away numerous other fans who couldn't help but "reach out and touch someone". Security should have been there, but Punk should have maintained his professionalism as well.