Fandango At WM29, CM Punk's Future, WWE Divas, Least Favorite Finishers

We all know Fandango is a good in-ring worker but does he have what it takes to put on a credible match at Wrestlemania match against Chris Jericho?

For those not familiar, Fandango has been in WWE's developmental system since 2006 and was on WWE NXT (the first version of the TV show) as Johnny Curtis. We've seen a lot of his work although not under the Fandango gimmick. He's someone that WWE sees extraordinary potential in, which is why he's remained under contract for so many years. I feel a lot of people are writing off Fandango before giving him a fair chance. It was fun with the memes about "never getting his name right" so we didn't have to sit through the gimmick, but now's not the time to shun something because it's different. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 has the potential to serve as a launch pad for Fantango's career and the fact he's working with Jericho only helps legitimize him. Given the fact that Wrestlemania 29 is stacked with so much part-time talent, it's essential at least one up and coming worker is able to benefit from it. It's refreshing to see Fandango on the Wrestlemania card and I'm optimistic about the match. On the flip side, if he can't get over working with Jericho, things will become very bleak.

Where do you see CM Punk after Wrestlemania?

It seems like CM Punk is going to need some time off to nurse his wounds and heel up from injury. I am disturbed at the thought of Punk going under The Undertaker after doing consecutive jobs to The Rock and one clean job to John Cena on free TV for good measure. Punk has been the best thing to come out of WWE in the last several years yet he was "fed the giants" the moment his title reign reached historic proportions. I fully expect Undertaker to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania but I also feel it will be a terrible mistake that could damage the long-term future of CM Punk.

When is Vince McMahon and WWE going to "turn things up a notch" with their women's division?

I wouldn't hold my breath in regards to the Divas in WWE. Following the multitude of female departures late last year, WWE surveyed fans about what they wanted to see with their Divas. Three months into 2013, I really can't say much has changed with limited storylines, short matches and forgettable programs. The reason Divas matches tank on pay-per-view is because they are given so little TV time, fans are apathetic about their programs.

What are your least favorite finishers?

I dislike any finisher that is illogical. When the product is contrived and the outcomes are preplanned, finishers must be convincing if they're going to sell me on their legitimacy. In no particular order, some of my least favorite finishers include the five-knuckle scuffle, the people's elbow, Hulk Hogan's leg drop and The Great Khali's vice grip.  On the flip side, some of my favorite finishers include the 450 splash, the shooting star press, Styles Clash and the Stone Cold Stunner.

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  • Illdecide

    How can you not include 619?? The move is so contrived it’s borderline retarded.

    • what about the worm?

      • Snap

        Well, it’s basically just a variation of the People’s Elbow, like the Five Knuckle Shuffle, that it can be included in those two examples.

      • urnemystic

        I rate the worm as the dumbest move in history.

  • Hogan’s leg drop? Have a near 300 pound man jump a few feet off the ground and come down on you with force — that will knock the wind out of you. The part I didn’t like about Hogan’s finisher was that it took too long to develop and it never came out of nowhere like today’s finisher.

    As for CM Punk I think many of you that are in love with him will say these two things after his match with Undertaker:

    1) “That was it?” Yes… the match won’t be as long as many think. I bet it goes anywhere from 10-13 minutes.

    2) “WTF?” That’s what people will be saying when Punk doesn’t kick out of the tombstone.

  • Kleck

    Personally I love the 619 but the setup to it always looks ridiculous. The stupidest one in my opinion was the mandable claw but Foley is a legend and Socko put a little humor into it.

  • iiHateJR

    The F5 is the greatest finisher of all time in my humble opinion.

  • Patrick

    are you kidding Punk is at the point in his career a few losses won’t hurt him…. no more then it would Jericho both can come back from a loss… yes he lost two times to Rock and once to Cena since he lost the title….

    what do you want for him to remain undefeated not lose a match and end up being hated like Cena for allways over coming the odds……..yeah that will still well with the fans after a while.

    • CM Punk fans have expectations that are too damn high.

    • coolkdd1

      Exactly plus I thought this company was about make or punk has one every ppv last year and has been made a star over these past 2 years. Its seems like richard is saying he is new or something. That it will hurt him long term would have worked if this was ryback.

    • Chris

      One way to look at it, do we all remember Jake Roberts? Now think about the fact that he never held ANY titles in WWE. Pretty sure that losing didn’t hurt his legacy, drugs absolutely, but not losing matches.

    • RichardIsAMark

      Do you not find it a little bit funny that Richard has ALWAYS been against the streak going but as soon as its CM Punk, who Richard is a uber mark for, gets the match it’s a travesty that Taker will go over? It’s just Richard complaining one of his favourites is going under. It’d be the same if it were Daniel Bryan too.

    • Seriously, just look at jericho, i could count his wins on my 2 hands since returning as a heel before LAST year’s mania,he rarley wins a match anymore. I dont get it but it isnt hurting him the least..

      • Jimmy

        I didn’t even notice how much Y2J lost until i read this comment, and it’s true, that proves that his losses dont mean anything.

  • jackkedx10

    Don’t forget Raybacks shell shock.. not only does he do a stupid march but all he does is pick them up and falls with them.. oh yeah and cena’s too

  • JohnnyJason

    I always though the stunner was beyond stupid. My favorite finisher is the knox out. I just though it was cool as hell.

  • Johnny

    I have to disagree with some choices for least favorite finisher.

    Hogan’s Leg Drop- Yes it is stupid by logic. But think about it. A guy the size of Hogan and nearing 300(or more) pounds dropping on your throat or chest and I won’t be getting up!

    The Great Khali’s vice grip- The size and strength of this giant man and having him squeezing my head then I would be screaming like a little girl!

    The styles clash just looks retarded to me. Everything else I agree with.

    To me the most stupidest and illogical finisher was The Ultimate Warrior’s clothesline combo. It wasen’t like JBL’s Clothesline from Hell which looked painful considering JBL ran at you full force before plowing you.

    • PainOfDemise

      That might make sense for Hogan’s Leg Drop if that 300 pounds was in his leg that was falling on you, but it’s not. Maybe if he dropped his ass on your throat, then yeah, I could see what you’re saying.

      • Johnny,

        I am not sticking up for the Leg drop but in kayfabe the Leg Drop goes across the throat so a 300lb man dropping on your throat with full force is going to shock you. But then again, I’d probably get right up and and start choking for air not stay down. LOL

  • The Breaker

    I personally wouldn’t leave out Sweet Chin Music as one of the best finishers.

  • DanBo7o7

    I probably could think of a more realistic finisher, but my favorite is The Canadian Destroyer. Its just so frickin sick lookin!

    • lee

      That is the greatest move too bad will never see it in the WWE, the lamest finisher should be the Ultimate Warriors running splash it just never look like a finisher more of a setup move.

    • Babie Sabrina

      wow that move is sick

  • cobra

    I believe the 450 splash and the shooting star press are illogical. You do those moves on a laying down opponent, an opponent who has to be down for longer than 3 seconds.

  • D-Bag

    How about Big E’s reverse DDT to himself?

    • Agreed. I think it looks silly but did not even think about it but yeah it kinda does look like that. LOL

  • Yokozuna’s bonzai drop as a favorite. Let’s be honest if it was truly real then you’d be doomed. Also I feel no matter who they have Fandango beat it won’t matter as his character is just awful.

    • Fandango’s gimmick reminds me of an updated Ravishing Rick Rude. If the character stays the same it will suck. If they grow his character and personality it could have a chance. If Jericho can’t make him look good at WM then no one can. If I was writing this feud I would have Fandango mock clips of Jericho on “Dancing with the Stars”. Show the part where Jericho talks about his mother and dancing and Fandango says, ” You were an embarrassment to the memory of your mother with your awful dancing. At WM I will show you I am a great dancer, at WM I will show you I am a great wrestler, and if your mother was still alive I would show her I am a great lover.” Jericho hits the ring, Fandango powders out. Massive heat for Fandango.

      • Chris

        I think he’s more of a dancing Goldust than Rick Rude.

        • I can not disagree. I can see him as a composite of several past gimmicks. I heard he does something with roses at house shows. Bagwell use to do a gimmick like a Latin lover or whatever and pass out roses to woman in the audience. I am thinking verbally Goldust, physically Rude and then cashing in on the pop culture of stuff like Dancing with the Stars. I have heard people say Val Venus and can agree with that too but then again they pulled from Rude for that character. There are very few things that are completely new in wrestling. They take formulas they feel worked in the past and attempt to make lightning strike twice or three or four times. Case in point NWO. Not just beat like a dead horse but pulverized into a fine powder.

      • Jimmy

        i think the whole “mocking the dead” to enhance heel heat has already been done by Punk. If you have to make fun of real life situations to get heat then i dont think your a true heel. Heat or pop from the fans should be organic. Not having to yell the name of the city to get a cheap pop. Undertakers pop is organic, Randy Ortons pop is organic. Dolph Ziggler heat is organic.

  • Winnipeg

    “I am disturbed at the thought of Punk going under The Undertaker”
    Lmfao, aaahahahaha

  • They must of kept Johnny Curtis (Fandango) for a reason for this long. Someone up high sees something in this kid. Can’t wait what he has to offer at WM.

  • Rich

    I think the divas division will get better, I think the public want more muscular yet attractive divas..with talent. That’s why they’ve signed sarah backman. She could be huge and unique. Hot diva look and an athlete.

  • Personally, as far as finishers go, I dig the SC Stunner. It may be my favorite finisher, maybe short only of a classic sitout piledriver (like the one Punk gave Cena a few weeks back). Randy Orton’s Scoop Slam/RKO combo together is also really convincing.

  • John

    The worst submission finisher has to be John Cena’s STF.. It doesn’t even look remotely painful! He needs to take some notes from the way Chris Benoit applied the Crippler Crossface.

    • Jimmy

      It looks pretty lame but im one of the guys that didn’t listen when WWE said “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” and trust me, its pretty painful.

  • jackkedx10

    hands down the best finisher ive seen is The Canadian Destroyer .. if you haven’t seen it look it up

    • Jimmy

      Definitely the best

  • mark

    I think the worst finisher is Big E’s. I don’t get it.

  • Blaine

    And how is Santino’s corny cobra finisher not on Richard’s most disliked finishers list? hmmm makes me wonder, Richard lol

  • jeff

    shane helms vertabreaker was the sickest move!!!

  • Stoney

    The cobra, 619, attitude adjustment, the worm, and the mandible claw are all pretty lame finishers

  • Steven

    If Punk can’t brush off losses to Undertaker, Cena and The Rock – him main-eventing is simply not-to-be. Simply how it is.

  • The way Richard overreacts to Punk losing a few matches makes it seem like Punk hasn’t won any matches at all this year.

  • Edge’s spear
    Randy’s RKO
    Big Show’s KO punch

    most funny finisher Cobra….lol

    • Jimmy

      Are those your favorite or worst finishers?

      • favorite finishers…..

        • Jimmy

          RKO is definitely one of the best but the KO punch looks so fake lately and edge probably has the worst spear compared to Goldberg, Batista, Bobby Lashley and Rhyno.

  • Brst finished canadian destroyer worst the finger poke of doom or cobra same thing lol best submission is the dungeon lock worst is cenas stf

  • wrestlingfan4life

    If Punk truly is injured to the point that he needs time off to heal, then going under to Taker at WM29 won’t hurt Punk at all. The Streak stays alive, and the storyline could be that Punk, upset with himself for losing so many high-profile matches in a row, “disappears” for a few months. This gives the man time to heal, and allows the character to come back refreshed and with a whole new purpose in his life.