Fandango Is Trending, Wrestlemania 29 On iTunes, JR On Mid-South DVD

Fandango is Trending

Fandango's theme music "ChaChaLaLa" is surging in popularity and upon last check was #25 on the UK iTunes singles chart. (Thanks to WNW reader Dan Williams for his help.)

If you want to dance to the theme or practice humming for an upcoming WWE live event, you can watch his entrance video at this link. Ilyass Garara of looks at the theme becoming the successor to the YES! chants. Read his article with videos at this link.

Wrestlemania 29 on iTunes

Wrestlemania 29 is available for purchase on iTunes. The show is $14.99 for standard definition and $19.99 for high definition.

Jim Ross Voiceover Work

Jim Ross is doing voiceover work for the Mid-South Wrestling DVD this week. He wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Liam Kelly

    People Power

  • Dolph

    Fandango’s theme is at #20 now, be funny if it gets to #1. I think that might make it WWE’s first ever UK #1 single?

    • cobra

      It’s now up to 19.

      • nathan

        up to 11 now

        • It’s sitting at 172 in the US, but is #3 on the Soundtrack charts.

  • Dave L

    hope they do a GWF. DVD..would love to see some Sam Houston, Lightening Kid Patirots, even eddie gilbert.

  • The #fandangorevolution is in full swing here in the UK! Buy the song and lets get it to number one!

  • Moe

    Talk about coincidence with people getting tired of Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chants, lol.

  • Ive got patients af work humming it and its #16 in the uk charts atm wonder if we can get it too number 1 would be awesome