Fandango's Original Dancer Revealed As 20-Year-Old College Student

The Buffalo News has a feature in their "Life & Arts" section on Fandango's original dancer. Prior to being paired with WWE Diva Summer Rae, Fandango came to the ring with a 20-year-old University at Buffalo senior named Andrea Lynn.

“I actually had no idea who anyone was,” Lynn told The Buffalo News. “I mean, I was aware of it. Like, I know who Hulk Hogan is and Andre the Giant is and stuff like that. But my family was never really into that. We were more of a theater, music, dance-type family.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s WW – you know, whatever it’s called,” Anastasia Abrashin, owner of the Fred Astaire studio, said. “Not everyone gets an opportunity like this.”

“They didn’t cut me off like, ‘We don’t want you anymore,’ ” Andrea Lynn said. “They could call me next week, they could call me next year.”

You can read the feature in its entirety at this link.

  • RJR

    Doubtful they’ll be calling after reading their company name as “WW – you know, whatever it’s called”.

    • Lrgetrout9

      It was the owner of the dance studio Lynn attended that made that comment, not Lynn herself.

      • I see where this was confusing. Edited for further clarity

        • RJR

          Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. It was still a snide remark, no matter who said it. Glad to know it was actually said by Anastasia Whatever-her-name-is.

    • Nostaljack

      I think your reading more into this than there is. There’s no way to know if the person who said it was being snide in the least bit. We didn’t hear the way she said it. If she doesn’t know, she doesn’t know.

      • RJR

        Maybe you’re right, Nostal-whatever-your-name-is.

        Don’t read too much in to that last sentence. You didn’t hear the way I said it. 😉

        • Nostaljack

          I see what you did there. So clever, RCR. 😉