More On Fans Turned Away From NXT ArRIVAL, Technical Issues, Dark Match Result

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- I spoke with someone that had tickets to NXT ArRIVAL and was turned away. I was told they were given a refund, free future tickets, a free t-shirt and a meet and greet with the majority of the NXT roster.

- There was a technical issue with the live stream during the show. The issue lasted for 5 minutes and was during the entrance of Tyler Breeze. WWE acknowledged it in a statement and said these type of issues "are to be expected when launching a new digital network." They're working to solve the issues and they weren't overly significant.

- Mason Ryan beat Sylvester LeFort in a dark match prior to NXT ArRIVAL.

  • Ra’s al Ghul

    They have one month to fix it before the wrestlemania live stream.

  • Cody R.

    Richard, it may have lasted 5 minutes for you, but several people got stuck in an infinite loop of Tyler Breeze or the Adrian Neville promo. You were one of the lucky few who didn’t experience all the issues that I and several people on Twitter dealt with.

  • Given all the other issues many of us have encountered, this isn’t insignificant. It shows that even the live feed is malfunctioning. I’ve encountered this myself when viewing the network on my PS3. This should have been an utterly successful “dry run” and it wasn’t. If I’m WWE, I’m going into overdrive to make sure this is all fixed for Wrestlemania. Far more people will be watching that night so if it’s not together, it’s going to be disastrous.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    So why was they turned away?

    • Chris

      Being there in person, it was because the place was PACKED, they couldn’t possibly fit everyone in, at least not safely.