Fans Turning On AJ Lee, Thoughts On Ryback, Heat Between CM Punk & Jerry Lawler?, Kane's Character

Do you feel AJ Lee as General Manager is becoming boring?

I am amazed at how quickly many have turned on AJ Lee. Considered the "Internet's darling" over the summer, several readers have dismissed her under the role as Raw's General Manager. I'm still intrigued by the work of AJ and do not feel we are far enough in to call it a failure (although we can't call it a success yet either).

Ryback seems limited and boring. What are your thoughts?

Ryback has only had a few opportunities with WWE roster members and none of his matches have been anything more than glorified squash matches. I'm not sold on Ryback because of the Goldberg rehash tag but we'll see where it goes. Vince McMahon is still very high up on Ryback and is still telling the creative team to push him.

Is there any real-life heat between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler?

There is no real-life heat between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler but both play their respective roles so well it is very convincing. I love how Lawler is able to get over as a babyface more than the majority of the roster. A lot of the younger guys/up-and-comers could learn a lot from The King. Jerry is a guy with an old school mentality the fans almost always connect with.

I thought Kane's part in the anger management class segment was funny but didn't WWE put the mask back on him to portray him as an evil monster (and not comedic relief)?

One could argue no one has booked with more inconstancy in WWE history than Kane. The character goes from evil to comedy in one week with absolutely no reason. How about Kane the commentator? Kane fans get furious when I say this but he's a reliable veteran the company puts in to "fill the gaps."

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  • ldb

    like kane or not the anger management section was classic. He does an amazing job. As far as the quick changes. He is supposed to be disturbed. It fts to me.

    • ken

      I think the term is conflicted but either way, the anger management segment was hilarious. And, this has nothing to do with WWE, but the blonde in the segment was hot.

  • MVP

    I keep wanting Kane to be a straight-up evil monster, but then he pulls off stuff like "lighting" the grill at the Great American Bash, and his "troubled background" segment last night on RAW. Let's just give Kane credit for being able to pull off whatever is asked of him from week to week.

  • havoc525

    Lawler has also been able to get over as a big heel in the past. He’s never been “the star” in WWE, but he’s been one of the best at both ends of the spectrum his entire time with WWE.

  • Crazy Dude

    I think AJ Lee doesn't fit as an authority figure. I rather see her compete while retaining her deranged gimmick than her current role.

  • Steve l

    Richard I think that is a compliment and very true what you said about Kane. It is a testament to his talent that he can be used wherever he is needed.

  • Dimitri

    I think AJ should start competing on a limited basis and still be the RAW GM. It could work.

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    All you guys moan about John Cena being at the top and always main eventing, but non of you give the new kids a chance for an example Ryback he has the chance to be a great main eventer and character, but if he keeps being put down he will never develop or improve his ability and in my opinion the Kane Daniel Bryan segment was great

  • Logan_Walker

    Well first off i did hate AJ Lee's GM Position when it was announced at RAW1000 but i've understanded that her "angle" and i think i know where WWE could go with this, the Anger management section was funny and kane played his role a bit face? questioning the fact that if there was a tombstone it would of been better.


    i hope Kane gets another good title run or two before the end of his career. he’s been a hard working, “go-to guy” for WWE, and i think he’d deserve it.

  • Chris


  • Chris

    I think AJ is playing the role of "semi-pyscho GM" perfectly, anything is better than "people power" or "may I have your attention please"…to be where she is now is a major kudo to her, considering where she was at this time last year…plus she's a real cutie, and that "evil smile" of her is priceless!!

  • Daniel Bryan

    Get a break, Aj this, AJ that. What is so special about her to begin with?

  • Richie

    I can’t believe they mentioned Katie Vick last night. I popped.

  • joel

    Love the Bryan and Kane segements especially when Kane was telling his story, you could tell he was trying so hard not to crack up X)

  • Rob

    Glen Jacobs has been around for 20 years now but as Kane hes able to switch different characters and pull them off not many people can do that so kudos.

  • AnacondaVise

    I don't know why people get so worked up about who the GM is? All they really do is come out each week and announcer match or two. I mean every now and then they get more involved in a storyline but they really don't play that big of a role. AJ has done more than fine.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I like AJ and she is doing great as RAW GM and WAS doing great before she got the GM Role.

  • Richard

    Ajs acting is wooden. Poor

  • matt

    There is no pleasing the Internet fans

  • stoney

    WWE should give AJ a title run

    • Ken

      He's signed to TNA. he'd need…

      oh, right.

      Honestly, the GM role is worth a heck of a lot more than the Diva title.

  • Brad

    It’s true how inconsistent Kanes character is but he is truly an all time great because he can manage to pull it off every single week. There will never be another Kane

  • Tony P.

    Can’t please the D-bags.

  • Synyster

    I personally like having Kane playing the twisted conflicted monster. He is a great worker and I hope someday he is put in the WWE hall of fame along with Undertaker.

  • Kevin

    Here's what I'd like to see happen: Punk and Lawler keep up the feud, and eventually Lawler challenges Punk to a title match. Due to his overconfidence, Punk winds up losing to Lawler, and Lawler gets his first ever WWE Championship title. Punk gets furious, picks up Lawler, and gives him a GTS. Ziggler comes out, cashes in Money in the Bank, and pins Lawler to win the title. Then Punk and Ziggler start a feud that eventually leads to a title match at a PPV.

    • KevMen

      Ziggler has a world heavyweight money in the bank contract not a WWE title contract!!!