Fear Not Dixie, Hulk Hogan Says He's Headed To The UK With TNA

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Straight off the heels of Dixie Carter admitting she hasn't heard from Hulk Hogan in a while and seemed unsure of his status of TNA's UK tour, Hogan wrote the following on Twitter:

Richard Reacts: Does anyone else find it strange that we are bringing this news to Dixie? Shouldn't the fact TNA pays Hogan a salary to head up an "executive role" ensure communication actually exists?

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Luke Trewarne for sending this in.

  • outkazt09

    Chaos ensues.

  • kurt

    Well, Hogan might have done a lot for wrestlers, and wrestling in general, but he has always been his own man, and when he has control over himself and his actions, you operate on his time. Dixie may or may not have money, especially from her family business that sponsors TNA, but face it, he standing is a joke compared to Hulk's. I wouldnt doubt that especially with the way he has shown he feels about women, he is chauvenistic, that she is below him, and if there isnt communication, it is her fault. He all but made Easy-E his little puppet over the years. If you think Hogan looks at Dixie as someone to report to, well, watch how he operated before, and in his family reality show, how he treated the women in his life. When he was willing to put wrestlers over, they were all MALES. I truly believe Hogan does that type of thing to "show women their place". If Dixie was a dude, he probably would have communicated. She is a woman, so he operates under the " You find out when I feel like letting you know" mentality. Just my opinion, just sayin'.

    • havoc525

      Seriously? What are you smoking buddy? For one, he works with males, why would he put over a female wrestler? Letting a female “get a clean win over Hulk” is absurd. Also, you’re going to believe ANY reality show? You might need to get your head checked.

  • Skip

    I hope this serves as an eye opener for Dixie to get rid of Hogan. I have nothing against the man personally but when it comes to him being in TNA he’s not really helping them at all. Only Dixie has the power to change this, we can talk about all day log but until she gets off her spoiled rich kid ass and do something about it. TNA will not move forward!

  • Ego Trip

    Personally Richard I think that you should get some type of fee from TNA and Hogan for being the moderator of their communications. I am thinking around 10K a month is not asking too much from the deep pockets of TNA and Hogan.

    • wnwdotcom2


  • Ricky

    These days Hogan is in it to feed his Ego. TNA would be better off releasing Hogan. then Hogan can go back to his "Oh woe is me" crap like he did prior to being hired by TNA. I loved Hogan when I was a kid, but now Hogan is a joke. He doesn't want to face the fact that he's not the biggest thing in Wrestling these days, so he's doing all he can to stay relevant.

  • mattyp

    has hulk hogan ever appeared at a tv taping or ppv in the uk before?

    • Absent

      Yes, he went over Randy Savage in a championship match at London Arena in 1989 which was shown live on Sky One.

      • Absent

        And again in 1991 against Sgt. Slaughter, shown live on Sky Movies.

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Clearly this is a shoot, work, reverse zibedab, swerve, throwing potatoes, gimmick on the backside with no heat…. brother!