Feeding Dolph Ziggler To Orton On Raw, Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho A Heel, Brodus Clay's Gimmick

I can't understand having Dolph Ziggler put Randy Orton over on Monday night? Is this just backstage power coming through because I can't see how making Ziggler look weak benefits anyone?

I agree it was a poor way to book Dolph Ziggler. His match with Randy Orton was outstanding and as I mentioned in yesterday's Premium Mailbag, was as talked about as much as Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk. Ziggler's work has been outstanding and I don't see where or how he benefits from Orton going over him clean after a loss against CM Punk at Royal Rumble. The win didn't help Randy and it only made Ziggler look bad.

Is Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes still being considered for Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Earlier last month it looked like WWE was testing the waters with Goldust and Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania. Goldust, who works backstage as a producer, began to lobby fans on Twitter about the match. I haven't heard what the plan is going forward but it will likely depend on what else WWE wants to do at the show and if time will allow for it to happen.

I assume Chris Jericho is now a heel on WWE TV. What is the reasoning behind this?

Chris Jericho is a much better heel than babyface. I have to think part of the way he's been booked with the "mute" gimmick is to silence enormous return pops. One of the things that intrigued Jericho in negotiating to return to WWE is working with CM Punk. The feud started back this summer when Jericho Tweeted for Punk to "mind his own business" and "stop ripping him off." This should be a spectacular Wrestlemania match which will culminate a very "intricate" program.

When will WWE begin feuding Brodus Clay and what direction do they plan to go with him?

WWE is currently building Brodus Clay up by having him squash enhancement workers on both Raw and Smackdown to maximize his exposure. The idea is to get the gimmick over before putting it into a program. While I was caught off guard with the Funkasaurus gimmick, I'm actually enjoying it and also feel it's working.

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  • Zach

    The squash aspect has grown tiring. I figured after the rumble, he would get a real feud, but so far no sign..

  • Alex P

    I put my face into my palm when I first saw the funkasaurus gimmick, but it's a pretty good gimmick and he actually works well with it.

    • Joe

      I was surprise to how it's working. I was at the Rumble and amazed the fans were into it…including myself, haha

  • Brandon

    I dig the funkasaurus gimmick as well, but I just can’t get into his matches with the same moves over and over. He gets attacked laughs it off headbutt against the ropes suplex big splash in the corner running body cross splash wash rinse repeat.

  • @jblack424

    Todays world less patient. Goldberg ran through everyone in squash matches but growing up times was different cause he was undefeated and we seen clay last year as delrio’s alex riley. That’s where I don’t know how I feel yet. If they are giving a goldberg or henry this years push as him dominate but with a bit of funk I’m fine with it. I would like it to be lil fueds where I can get him on the mic and see those skills. All and all I get the purpose of it as he is in a way wwe’s next big guy. I mean big as size. Kane, show, henry, and khali are older. Mason ryan and ejack haven’t got pushes to keep going though they had minor pushes. Brodus has been a big subject of convo since debuting(actually a lil before). He as of now if a fun character I want to see where he goes from squash matches

    • XKonn247

      I read that comment but honestly didn’t quite see the point of it?

  • Eloy

    The fact that he has embraced the gimmick makes it that much better. Reminds me of Dusty Rhodes!!

  • Kleck

    I enjoy the only living breathing Funkasaurus

    • Dunstan

      In captivity

  • Jim P

    I agree, and to be honest, I'm relieved that they didn't just go through with plans to book him as another, big, angry monster. That's been done to death, and it's tiresome now, I think. Even if you don't like the gimmick, it's at least something different from what they've been doing lately.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I don't like the Funkasaurus , but have Rakishi Return and have a Dance contest and feud with Funkasaurus and I might Be interested.

    Rakishi is a better dancer and I enjoyed his act more.

    Orton / Ziggler was a good match but for me Punk / Brian was the better match.

    • XKonn247

      No offence dude. But it’s a wrestling show. Why the hell should they ever do dance offs? I’m aware they do and I’m also aware many a person fast forwards them to find some actual wrestling.

  • Gary

    I love the moaning about how Orton winning made Dolph look bad.But oddly enough you all forget how Punk did tons worse the night before at The Rumble.He made Dolph look like he was beat 3 or 4 times alone in that match. Not to mention the go home Raw show where he had a visual tapout of Dolph. And him even getting Implant Bustered by Kharma.

    Are those not 'burials?" Id say they were and tons worse than having a competive match w/ a top guy like Orton. But of course its Orton so we had to compalin about something about him don't we? Jeez.

    • @RatedMKD

      I agree. Watching the Rumble live, I was certain that Punk beating Ziggler three times without any officials there to count it would result in Dolph winning the title. I mean, how else can he be expected to come out of that scenario looking strong in any way?

  • Jim

    I don’t think Ziggler was hurt by his match against Orton. He was very competetive throughout the entire match and wasn’t “buried or squashed” at all IMO. In fact I’d argue that him working with guys like Orton and Punk on a consistant basis is building his character up. Even though he’s losing the matches. He still is very competetive in them.

    I like what they’ve done with Jericho so far, and I’m also very happy he is going to be heel. Because I feel he is one of the top heels of all time. I can’t wait to see this feud with Punk.

  • Bruce

    Ladies+gentlemen hailing from Mexico City,Mexico weighing 247 lbs its Albeeeeerto Deeeelriiiioooo!! Alberto puts the funkasaurus in his pateted arm breaker and the funkster withers in pain on the mat-somebody had better call his mamma!!

    • XKonn247

      And that would be the perfect way to bury a perfectly good big guy using an incredibly subpar “wrestler”.

    • Goat

      Alberto's from San Luis Potosí, Mexico and weighs 239lbs. Idiot.

  • jonathon212

    richard are you ever going to answer me ……why is it ok for ziggler to lose at the rumble 4 times to punk and on raw to lose to orton in a 10 minute unadvertised match but when it comes to the honor of going up against the undertaker at wrestlemania if he would lose you keep on saying it would harm him ?

    him going up against the undertaker ( or rhodes or sheamus ) would solidify their spot as a legit main eventer even if they lose . just please explain yourself because you really make no sense right now

    • @jblack424

      Lol it is the biggest question as I feel no one actually knows for sure if a younger guy would be elevate from a lose. I agree it should be a younger guy and that it wouldn’t hurt them by losing. I feel it will help but that is not true either. Everyone claims he has to face main event caliber and besides punk,y2j, orton cena and hhh is it. Isn’t that the problem that 5 men is only main event caliber? I agree push a young guy cause it won’t hurt a young guys push and I feel it will build some guys up. I also hate that everyone losing a clean match means your not getting pushed. No 2 men go in and unless 1 loses. Its doesn’t always have to have a guy interfere or so. I remember times when you could just watch a match and enjoy. Now if someone loses clean the are getting depushed.

      I also have another point to help our point of taker vs non elite wrestler. Bryan went from losing to everyone to winning hw title and most ppl forgot about his losing streak. Taker vs unestablished guy should happen.

  • Jbreed

    What happened with Dolph Ziggler on Raw is just another one of those unfortunate cases where a guy who seems to be on the cusp of a huge push gets thrown to the wolves. The wolves in the WWE are John Cena and Randy Orton. There's no way Cena and Orton want to lose their spots as the top guys in the company and the WWE is ok with it.

    • H.M.

      That statement is ridiculously ignorant. If Ziggler were to be 'thrown to the wolves' as you put it, he'd be squashed within a matter of seconds. Instead you had a solid back and forth match. Besides Ziggler isn't even feuding with anybody as is, whereas Orton is feuding with Barrett and he just made his return. It makes perfect sense to have him go over.

      Why do so many wrestling fans use the 'burial card' when an up and comer loses? That's thrown around so much and most of the time it's not even the case.

      • XKonn247

        I agree with you man. Burial is really a word that needs using about 95% less right now.

      • Jbreed

        You're another one of those people who thinks losses don't matter, just as long as a wrestler gives an impressive effort. Talk about ridiculous. Dolph Ziggler needed the win more than Randy Orton. They need mid-carders like Ziggler to be booked strong going into WM 28. And what better way to do so than a rub by Orton. Already a loss at the RR, a loss to Orton and most likely a loss at the EC PPV and Ziggler is back to being irrelevant again. This is just an ignorant opinion from somebody who's been following pro wrestling for 30 years.

  • Dave Barton

    Myself personally, as much as I enjoy Punk & Bryan’s ring work, they’re already at the top, so I was more into Kofi’s match & genuinely happy that he scored a clean pin on Miz. I’ve been a big supporter of Kofi for quite a while, he’s just fun for me to watch perform.

  • Captain Booger

    Jericho is definitely in his prime form as a heel.

    In a feud with Punk, it would work either way if Punk is a heel or face, as long as the storylines push the feud in the right direction. My biggest concern is that WWE doesn't kill the feud after it barely gets started. I'd like to see Jericho and Punk going at it till next years (2013) Wrestlemania, giving us just enough drama and mindgames to carry it along over the next several months, without becoming stale.

    This is one feud the WWE cannot afford to underachieve on.

    • XKonn247

      Its gonna run from now (Feb) to probably May. Any longer than that and it’ll become stagnant and people will be bored of it.

  • bettysteve

    l turn the telly over for orton matches, you KNOW who is going to win, (or he will go crying to VKM if he don't).

  • Mikelz

    Liking brodus, loving the Clay-mates

  • Jackson

    I want to comment on Jerichos return…if they didn’t want him to receive a huge pop on his return, first they should have never did those vignettes! Second, they should have had him right from the start, go after Punk! Maybe causing him to lose the WWE title to Dolph on Jan 2nd (Obviously regaining it at the Rumble) and Finally just have Jericho do what he does best and thats just bash the fans with his outstanding verbal skills.

  • @ease9310

    I hope Cody Rhodes,and Goldust can actually go one on one at WrestleMania,if they do the PPV will even be better.And that's great that Chris Jericho is turning heel,because he actually is a better heel than a babbyfave.When he's a babyface he like doesn't even care if he wins,but when he's a heel he tries his hardest to win a match.

  • Eddie

    i agree…. I think ziggler has improved more than any one else…. And even though he lost, people are still talking about his match and they know that it was a good one…. And that is the only thing he requires right now as wrestler…. They couldn’t have put him over orton because ziggler is not a top heal… Whereas orton is one the company’s top faces… If you think, orton needed this win more than ziggler…. It was his first match after returning and he needed momentum heading into the chamber… And it did good for ziggler too… I mean it wasn’t a short match..neither was it a squash.. He performed so well that people have no option but to recognize his talent.. And I think his character is building up perfectly and they should not ruin it by speeding things up… Let it take time..soon people will crave to see him in the main event regularly…