Fellow Republican Criticizes Linda McMahon Over Tragic Wrestler Deaths

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Former Congressman Christopher Shays, who is challenging Linda McMahon for the Republican nomination for the US Senate Seat out of the state of Connecticut to replace the outgoing Joe Lieberman, hammered McMahon for the tragic deaths of past wrestlers.

"Let's think about it: She's [Linda McMahon] got over 41 people 50 years and younger who've died in her jobs. That's quite a job record that she's created," Shays said Wednesday.

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  • Matt Scott

    He shouldn't be talking about things like that. He evidently has no idea of the reasons behind a lot of those deaths.

  • khalkaroth

    Politicians gonna politicate…

    • Adam

      Is that you Dubya?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    so much for Linda trying to distance herself from WWE this time around…but I'm not suprised her a opponents are going to continue to jump all over her WWE past. that's just the way it is in politics.

    Christopher Shay is quioted as saying : 41 people 50 years and younger who’ve died in her jobs.

    I understand bring up Negitive press to who your running against but

    you have 4 Wrestlers

    1: Brian Pillman
    2: Owen Hart
    3: Eddie Guerrero
    4: Chris Benoit

    who died while still working for WWE.

    the rest who passed away had left WWE. that's a Far Cry from 41 people in WWE. At least the way it is worded it makes it seem all 41 Wrestlers were still in ( working ) WWE when they passed away. and that is not true.

    It's a shame they all passed away so young that is true. Regardless if they were still working in WWE at the time or not..

    • MsMojoRisin

      i only blame them alot for owen hart’s death but pillmam, benoit, and guerrero they have a little blame for their deaths but owens death they are at fault big time in my opinion

    • urnemystic

      Wow thats not even close to a comprehensive list. Without even doing any resaearch I can add curt henig off the top of my head, Maybe you should do some research before going on a rant.

      • Spruce Moose

        Curt Hennig wasn't under contract with the WWE when he passed away.

      • Dukenstein

        Umm Curt Hennig was released from WWE in 2002 and died in 2003. Maybe you should follow your own advice

      • DV92

        Erm Curt Hennig died in 2003, a year after being released by WWE. So maybe you should do some research before you rant at a rant…

    • smoothjj7

      He's saying 41 ppl under the age of 50 who have been directly associated with WWE have died, not while in wwe; and a lot of those can be directly linked to wwe because until more recently they provided 0 to no help for veterans of the ring. She was a high up and had a huge hand in wwe of course she is going to get criticism from her wwe past any good politician would point out the mistakes someone has had in their past and believe it or not WWE is a major blemish on anyones record because of the fact that, until recently, they cared little about their workers after they left the company. What should make the news next here is what Linda says in response because what she says could make or break her campaign.

  • Patrick V

    Eddie has a heart ATack right?
    Benoit overdoses and goes psycho
    Henning idj what happened 2 him
    Pillman overdosed or something
    Owen has technical problems an falls
    Brian Ong does in OVW after a flapjack from Khli

    • Nicola

      actually Pillman died of throat cancer

  • ted

    curt hennig passed away from a cocaine overdose in 2003. wwe fired him in may 2002 for behavioral problems on a flight with other wrestlers.

    the only death that wwe could legally be held accountable for was owen hart because wwe's negligence along with the harness company caused his death. wwe settled the case in 2000 by paying the harts a 18 million dollar settlement.

    as far as pillman, eddie, benoit go, their own behaviors led to their deaths but wwe now has a wellness policy to locate troubled wrestlers and send them to rehab and if they refuse, wwe fires them to free themselves from any liability for their future behaviors.

  • Ian P.

    If this is all they have against her after all these years, it's pretty sad. We get it, you don't like professional wrestling, but hey these would be the same politicians that would lobby to have Wrestlemania in their own city or states because of the economic impact.

    • WNW Fan

      Excellent point my friend. Couldn't agree more. Politicians like this Shays guy are just like that. Out of one side of their mouth they trash talk, then the other side they lobby for events like that for money. People who criticize Linda for things their clueless about just do it because they look at her as a threat. Their scared of her and know she could win and do a great job in Congress.

  • MonsterMike42

    Shouldn't this guy be more worried about current issues instead of Linda's past? IF he gets elected, he's not gonna know what to do or what is going on because he was too worried about something that doesn't matter.

  • mike

    Politics is what it is but you cant blame Linda McMahon for the actions of their talent. Most of them died because of their own bad choices. Only Owen Hart died on the job.

  • Bobby

    Okay, how is this her fault? Stupid Politicians.

  • DiDi2123

    Ummmm did everyone forget about UMAGAs death????

    • Adam

      Or Crazy Holly, Sherri Martel, Lance Cade, Chris Candido and Davey Boy Smith to name some more.

      Surely there have been some developmental talent who have passed away.

  • EvilKevyn

    So now that we've straightened out who is to blame for what and how politics work, stop and think, do you really want Linda McMahon in senate regardless of her wrestling involvement?

  • Glacier

    Umaga was offered rehab for his problem. Umaga refused to enter rehab and was terminated by WWE for violations of their Wellness Policy. As with any job, there are inherent dangers, personal wrestling is no different..

  • Glacier

    professional wrestling is no different……damn auto correct

  • Patrick V

    BRIAN ONG he was in OVW an he died bc of a concussion fter a flapjack from the great khali

  • just a fan

    this guy comes across as an a-hole

  • Patrick V

    Who does

  • guest

    okay wow um the other 35 deaths mentioned were camera crew and such… curt hennig left wwe in the 90s he was released from wcw after the buy out in 2002 morons