Final Element Of WWE Brand Extension To End On May 31st

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WWE's official live events schedule ceases to list shows under the Raw and Smackdown brands starting with the May 31st show in Glens Falls, New York. Rather than differentiating live events as a "Raw" or "Smackdown" show, they are simply listed as "WWE Live."

This is something WWE has explored since January and will eliminate the final element of the brand extension.

  • Jose

    itsa about de they finix disa brand exatension!

    • Hey dude in all seriousness, are you for real? Lol I’m begging you check your spelling and grammar.

  • craig

    how do you join the wwe fan council?

  • King A sshole

    This isn’t the final element. The final element is having Dolph Ziggler Unify the two World Titles?

    • Realistically, why would they give that honor to Ziggler rather than the face of their company?

      • Steve

        It’s simple… He’s more over than ‘the face of the company’ so why shouldn’t Ziggler take the mantle?

        • The mighty dollar sign.

        • Xavier

          Not even close. Check the merch sales, social media followers. Ziggler is more over then the IWC, but not traditional wrestling fans which account for most of the money that McMahon/WWE makes

      • Alex

        Realistically, Jericho shouldn’t have been the one to unify the titles last time over Rock & Austin but we all know how that ended don’t we?

      • Evan

        Well, why did they give Chris Jericho the honor of Undisputed champion in 2001 rather than The Rock, Stone Cold, or Kurt Angle? I believe Ziggler would be a great choice as he does have better in-ring abilities than most superstars on the roster. Although, I don’t believe they will unify the titles anytime soon, as the World Heavyweight Championship has turned into the WWE’s secondary title.

        • That was a different era however when it was more about the good storyline and not the dollar sign.

        • Xavier

          Very good point.

  • I hope they go back to the 80’s old school way of promoting that they build a show for the next time they return.

  • Billy Laing

    I really hope they wont go throught with this and keep Raw & Smackdown alive. It would be a biggest mistake that the compsany would ever make.

    • Esteban Ortiz

      It worked in 1999-2002, why wouldn’t it work now?

  • This new is bad written, they are not changing the name of the shows or anything like that. They are just changing the name of the House shows, because they are no longer for separate brands, they do house shows with all the roster. BUT IT IS JUST THE HOUSE SHOWS. Please, correcto this