Final Memories Of The Ultimate Warrior Were Positive Ones

The wrestling business is in a state of shocking following the sudden passing of The Ultimate Warrior on Tuesday. News of his death began to make rounds shortly after this week's WWE Main Event/Smackdown taping concluded in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Obviously the timing of Warrior's passing makes it all the more tragic as he'd just spent the weekend as the headliner for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class with many members of the WWE roster meeting him for the first time. He was at this week's Raw taping, where he was very friendly with the workers backstage as several approached him to congratulate him on his Hall of Fame induction.

Fences were mended as well, with Warrior reconciling with Vince McMahon, Jake Roberts and others.

One thing I heard from several is how much Warrior's family meant to him, which was evident when he had his daughters introduce him for the WWE Hall of Fame. In addition to his daughters and his wife Dana, Warrior's mother was also in New Orleans for his induction.

Second to his family was all of the Ultimate Warrior fans, in which all reported positive experiences when encountering him over the weekend. We've heard from fans that met him on Tuesday morning at the airport in New Orleans as he took photos and signed autographs with anyone that asked.

Below are photos of Warrior and his family at Saturday's 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:

  • SickOfRichardPeddlingHisTwitte

    How come you didn’t just use the pictures, but you had to include your tweets and twitter handle also?

    • David

      Mate now is not the time ok, He is prob flat out covering this and doing that made it easier, if you don’t like it your free to leave the site and never come back, Show some respect

    • These are screen captures I took from the HOF Ceremony. Just quickly grabbed the embed code so everyone could see the people that were very precious to Warrior. Also why the pseudo name Mysterion, you usually have some good insights in your comments?

      • Austin

        Does his comment not explain it? It’s not like he’s trying to “hide” and you’re “exposing” him.


        ha i agree Richard. “Myserion” and I had some personal jabs at one each other about The Miz and Zack Ryder.

  • Draven

    Them poor girls. I was 16 when i lost my mother and it was so hard i really feel for the and my thought and prayer are for them. RIP warrior

    • jordan

      Oh sorry to hear that Draven hope you are ok

      • Draven

        Yea im good now this year will make 10 years since that happend. Deep wounds heal over time but always leave lasting scars ya know.

        • Ultimate WWE Fan

          Ye well it is good that you are good now

  • Brandon van Reenen

    I know this may come off as inappropriate right now, but it looks like Dana is doing Cena’s “you can’t see me” gesture. My apologies if this offended anyone.

    • Kleck

      I think she kissed her hand in affection and extended it towards him.

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      I thought the same thing until I watched in. I think it’s because her hand was in motion blowing him a kiss.

  • David F.

    Hogan v Warrior was one of first Wrestlemania matches I ever saw as kid growing up I remember getting videotapes back in 90s to watch Warrior matches and was big fan.My condolences go out to his family as from personal experience it is never easy losing a parent. Glad we got chance to see him one last time happy and content with life RIP Warrior

  • Magruber

    As sudden and tragic as his death is, It is also the perfect time for it. For the last week, he’s had thousands of fans and the millions watching at home, and his peers, adore him with praise and kudos. he mended many fences and bridges, he was treated like a king, and his last moments were people telling him how thankful they were that he did what he did, with his loving wife at his side.

    Nobody is that lucky. Many die in fear, confusion, panic. Many die not knowing what they were or who they are. Many die so very young, never to find love or have kids. Many die with plenty of bridges burnt and fences broken. I dont know if he knew his time was short or not, but I say this. He is the Luckiest man in the world, and even though I’ve barely thought of him in as many years, I will miss him.

    • Ernest Bethea

      I can and will agree with you on ALMOST everything you said. The only issue I have is when you said that this was “the perfect time” for Warrior’s passing. Frankly, there is no perfect time for anyone’s passing. Saturday night, Vince McMahon called the Ultimate Warrior to his Hall of Fame. Last night, Almighty God called James Hellwig, aka the Ultimate Warrior to Ultimate Glory. Like you, and many Ultimate Warrior fans, I will miss him.

      Speak to me, Warrior!

  • King A sshole

    It’s hard to find the good in a situation like this, but in the last year Warrior forgave and was forgiven by those who he had wronged, and it was capped off with a fantastic Hall of Fame induction, and one last goodbye on Raw. Although, for those of us who remember, it’s very strange to realize that four of the six participates of the Double Main Event from Wrestlemania V have passed away, (Rude, Elizabeth, Savage and Warrior, leaving only Heenan and Hulk). I hope his family can get past this, and know that Warrior is now partying with God.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    It seems like this years HOF was about mending fences and forgiveness between some great men. That makes it the best ever for me especially now. Rest in peace Warrior you will be missed and you were loved.